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Possible Password Synch Problem

Hi All,

After forgetting my email password, I reset it using the following link -

Once complete, I was able to log into My Telstra App, My Account, and Webmail.  From there, I figured I will need to update the iPhone and Mac Air passwords so I can continue to receive emails on these devices using the standard Apple clients.  Surprisingly, email on these devices continued to work when they shouldn't have after the password change.  Thinking that eventually, they will fail, I decided to first reset the iPhone password but I received an incorrect IMAP user id or password error message.  I then reset the webmail / My Telstra password again, as above, and again was able to successfully log in to Webmail with the 2nd new password.  Updated the password on the iPhone again to match but still had a password error and yet, surprisingly the Mac Air continues to receive emails using the very original password.  I then deleted the mailbox and turned the iPhone off / on to reset the client by starting from scratch using the provided IMAP settings that match what is available online and compared these with another Telstra mail iPhone that is working correctly (using a different email address).  Frustratingly, I still have the same IMAP user id and password error on my iPhone.  This doesn't make sense.  Is there something I am missing?  I have an original email address with the domain name.  It does appear like there is a password mismatch or sync error as it makes no sense that the Mac Air device is still receiving emails without updating the client with the new password.  Can't get hold of Telstra support either using the BOT or on the phone (1hr 17 mins wait time after eventually hanging up).  Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated.


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