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Random email bouncing from Postmaster@bpe.nexus.telstra.com.au

We are using Telstra NBN with our own Office 365 for email (ABCXYZ.com.au), random senders receive bounce back message from Postmaster@bpe.nexus.telstra.com.au.


Most of the senders are okay but the ones having problem are receiving bouncing message from Postmaster@bpe.nexus.telstra.com.au only.


example below, when reply to ABCXYZ.com.au from bigpond account, it receive the message below but it went through successful when forward it to the same recipient at ABCXYZ.com.au





-----Original Message-----
From: Mail Administrator [mailtoSmiley Tongueostmaster@bpe.nexus.telstra.com.au]
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2017 9:42 PM
To: XXX@bigpond.com
Subject: Mail System Error - Returned Mail with Subject: RE: Robert

This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

Your message was not delivered because the Domain Name System
(DNS) for the destination computer is not configured correctly.
The following is a list of reasons why this error message could have
been generated.  If you do not understand the explanations listed
here, please contact your system administrator for help.

    - The host does not have any mail exchanger (MX) or
      address (A) records in the DNS.

    - The host has valid MX records, but none of the mail
      exchangers listed have valid A records.

    - There was a transient error with the DNS that caused
      one of the above to appear to be true.

You may want to try sending your message again to see if the problem
was only temporary.

    DNS for host ABCXYZ.com.au is mis-configured.

The following recipients did not receive this message:


Please reply to <Postmaster@bpe.nexus.telstra.com.au>
if you feel this message to be in error.


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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Random email bouncing from Postmaster@bpe.nexus.telstra.com.au



i have been getting these random mail undelivered emails about 6 per day over the last week. Which is spam. 


 all these bounce back emails are to email addresses that I don't know and have not sent anything to.... they are some random email accounts and are all different. 


The only thing the same on each email is it's coming from postmaster@bpe.nexus.telstra.com.au


What can I do to stop these spam emails. I have not opened or replied to any, I'm just deleting as soon as they come in. 





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