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Retaining Email Address

On June 15th i called telstra to disconnect my ADSL and despite going over it over and over again DO NOT DISCONNECT MY EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE...telstra in their wisdom disconnected it anyway......

I was told by telstra on many occasions this will not occur, as long as i have a telstra service my email will remain the same...

But they deactivated my email address anyway.....I was lied to and deceived by telstra.....

I ring them and ring them and get excuse after excuse, apology after apology and it remain the same

They have taken my email data of 6 years from me....emails, photos, important data, email addresses....I am disgusted with telstra 

30 minutes over the phone assuring me this wouldnt be done (cancelling my email account) the went ahead and did it anyway.......

You at telstra are losing credibility in the marketplace FAST........train your staff not to make stupid errors......


You've lost me telstra and no doubt others due to your incompetence 

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Re: Retaining Email Address

That is certainly not the experience we want our customers to have, if you continue to have Telstra services then your email address can be retained. I have escalated this to our support team so we can look at recovering the address for you.

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