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Sent email disappeared

My sent emails on my iPhone all disappeared except for one sent yesterday. When I log into Telstra Mail website they are there but no longer on my iPhone where I need them. Apple has been right through everything and checked all my settings and conclude that it is Telstra that I should be talking to.

Anyone else have this problem?

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Re: Sent email disappeared

If the emails can be seen in Telstra Webmail, then it is likely the issue is with your device email app not being able to read the folders in the account...  there have been similar reports here with suggestions that it might be an iOS update issue, but not everyone is having the problem...  possibly a conflict between iOS, email client and Telstra mail servers.


Do you get any error messages?


Do you only use one device to check the Telstra email account? or several? Is the email client on your device/s set up as IMAP? and what is the 'Keep mail offline for' and the 'Don't save copies of sent items' configured for?

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Re: Sent email disappeared

You have posted this in the Home Broadband section, but it sounds like more of a Telstra Mail or iPhone issue.


Which mail app are you using on the iPhone?.


I use the native Apple mail app for my Telstra Mail account on my iPhone, and it shows 2 Sent folders.

- one resides on the iPhone, and the other on the Telstra Mail server.

Are you sure that you are looking at the correct folder on your phone?.

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