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Server Response: 554 nskntcmgw08p BigPond Outbound [OB105. Connection refused.


Does anyone else get this message when trying to send emails. This is so annoying when urgent emails have to be sent and a message continually comes back saying the connection is blocked?????


Try to get help from telstra and it is like trying to watch paint dry. Nothing happens except increasing stress levels from the lack of service.



An unknown error has occurred.


Subject 'Re:

Server Error: 554

Server Response: 554 nskntcmgw08p BigPond Outbound [OB105. Connection refused. is listed on the Exploits Block List (XBL). Please visit http://www.spamhaus.org/xbl/ for more information.

Server: 'mail.bigpond.com'

Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC6F

Protocol: SMTP

Port: 25

Secure(SSL): No


Is Telstra blacklisted for sending spam emails? Because sure as hell I never send any spam emails. Sooooo frustrating the lack of service with this company. But what the hell... when there is no other service available in the country areas then why should they be bothered about providing decent customer service and systems that work properly. It's not as though we can change to use another service because there is none.



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Re: Server Response: 554 nskntcmgw08p BigPond Outbound [OB105. Connection refused.

Try updating your email settings to the correct Outlook.com based settings found at https://go.telstra.com.au/helpandsupport/-/email-settings-summary using the alternate port, NOT port 25.


They do specifically note that Port 25 outbound may be blocked.

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