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Setting up email in Outlook / Windows 10

I don't know if this is the right place to post this.  I am trying to set up my bigpond email on my laptop. 


I have entered every IMAP and POP server information possible in order to set it up.  I have been to the page of set up instructions ... I have been on Telstra chat who did nothing more than refer me to the page of set up instructions that I have used so many times that I have them all memorised ... I have reached out to outlook support to see if something was wrong there ... I have restarted my computer in between attempts and trials and I have wasted at least 5 hours trying to get what should be a simple task completed.  Someone PLEASE HELP.


I have TWO bigpond addresses.  I am able to connect to the IMAP server to set up the primary email, but I am unable to set it up for the secondary email address. I have logged into the webmail with the correct password, so I know it is right.  I have entered all the different types of possible server settings, I have cleared the credentials on this brand new laptop ....  I am at a loss and am not getting any help from the person on the chat who simply says there is nothing they can do ... they've not asked me any questions, just here is the set up page, if that doesn't work, talk to outlook, not my problem.  

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Setting up email in Outlook / Windows 10

I have the same issue and getting the same results as you. It has happened before and it was a server authentication issue on Telstra's end and it took them days to admit it was their issue and even longer for it to be fixed 😕

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