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Telstra/bigpnd email - corrupted email message in inbox

My issue is that my inbox has stopped updating on my email client (outlook 2013) imap account. This started about 2 weeks ago.

All other folders are updating fine.

I also have my account setup with imap settings on a galaxy s7 phone and all folders, including the inbox update fine on this.

I have been online with a bigpond tech who spent an hour or more remotely connected to my computer trying to resolve the problem, and their "solution" was to setup the email client with pop settings rather than imap.

While I am now getting my inbox emails downloading to my email client, I still want/need the sync options of imap. (If I had wanted a pop account I would have set it up that way in the first place). I would like to get back to the way it was originally working.

I have another email account - not bigpond/telstra - that works fine with imap settings on the same email client.

So my though is that it must be an issue with the content of the account and so I logged on using webmail to see if there were issues there. Initially I got the spinning wheel when accessing the inbox and nothing but the other folders would load. I tried again a few days ago and now the inbox opens ok with the latest emails showing; but when I scroll down to a certain point the spinning wheel appears again and nothing more is loaded. When I sort the inbox on unread messages I can see an email there that has no subject and 0 bytes. When I click on this I get an error window "An error occurred while loading message body.Please try again later." When I try to delete or move this message I get the error "Your request could not be completed. Please try again". No matter how much "trying again" gets done all I end up with is a load of frustration and whole lot of contempt for Telstra/Bigpond!

My non-technical take on this is that it is this corrupted email that has something to do with the inbox not downloading through imap settings on my email client. So if this was deleted then it would most likely start working again!...

Any suggestions on how I could get rid of this email to test/prove my theory????





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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra/bigpnd email - corrupted email message in inbox

Hi LC7220, 


Which web browser are you using when trying to access web mail?  There is a known issue were users are having difficulty using this service via IE 11 and Edge. If you are can you try another browser to log in and delete the corrupted email and see if this helps?



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