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Telstra can you block spam from

Every day I receive at least 2 to 3 emails from purporting to be everyone from Jetstar to Medibank Private, selling insurance, cheap flights, consumer surveys, etc.


It is obvious the emails from are spear phishing attacks looking for individuals details and credit card numbers.


Despite using the “Report SPAM” button on the Bigpond email website, these emails keep coming.


How do we stop this spam reaching our mailboxes?



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Re: Telstra can you block spam from

i also receive these emails all the time very annouying as they seem to generate every time you delete one theres another one straight away .

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Re: Telstra can you block spam from

Don't bother reporting to Telstra, they may use your information, but only for the benefit of those paying extra for filtering...

Unlike most other email providers who filter as a matter of course.

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Re: Telstra can you block spam from

I would also like to know why these emails are still being received by me on a daily basis, even after each one is added to blocked sender list and also adding the senders domain to block list they appear in my inbox.


I do not wish to click on anything within these emails, such as " unsubscribe " as I didn't subscribe in the first place and I fear downloading a virus if I do. So come on Telstra how about filling us in on why this is happening.

Telstra Products & Services Team
Telstra Products & Services Team

Re: Telstra can you block spam from

Telstra has been providing free spam scanning for years. The paid option was from a phrehistoric time. Don't confuse Telstra Broadband Protect (which is a paid product) with spam filtering.


Sadly it's not always effective. If the spammer is good, they can craft an email that looks legit and bypasses spam detection systems.


That being said, spam on accounts is a common complaint and has to do with Outlook's relativly lax rules on spam. You can change these settings for your account.


So if you are on outlook, try this:


Set the filtering level of the messages
Please follow these steps to setup your junk e-mail filter in


1. Sign in to the website with your account.
2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Gear icon, and then click More mail settings.
3. Under Preventing junk email, click Filters and reporting.
4. Under Filters and reporting, select the options that you want, and then click Save.


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Re: Telstra can you block spam from

Yeah, I thought about this after I posted my question and realised this is probably an issue for Windows Live Mail and not Telstra. I went into advanced setting for Windows Live and shifted the junk mail level to high, this I know is probably going to end up being more of a pain in the neck by capturing safe emails and asking me what I want to do with them, but I guess that's the price we pay for security.


Thanks for your input.

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