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Telstra Emails

Hi all dont know it I am putting what I need help with in the right location.


I have two questions I would like to ask for help.


I am using Googler chrome on my desktop computer and I am wanting to know if the problem is Telstra or Google. So here I go


I log in to my emails and all is good a  bit slow tho same with my mums account.

On screen I have one tab on seeing my emails but when I open a new tab and log in to my mums account I see 3 blue round dots flash 2 or 3 times and then it shows me my emails,

Is this normal as I have tried it the other way around and it does the same.

It does it on all my devices so I not thinking its Google settings of some sort.

Q. How do I fix this problem as I want to switch between both tabs to view both emails instead of opening one at a time.


Aslo with Telstra smart modem which one is better 

The Arcadyan or Technicolor for FTTC and why?

I am on a 100MBPS plan and getting between 99 and 103.5MBPS down and between 18 and 18.5MBPS upload. Is this normal?


Thanks for all replies in advance



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Re: Telstra Emails

I can't advise on the issue you are having as I don't use Webmail like that..


My suggestion would be that rather than rely on Webmail, you should use an eMail client..  Thunderbird, Outlook, Mailspring etc. (I wouldn't recommend Windows 10 Mail app but it can also be done if you want).  and add both accounts into that - I'd recommend using the IMAP option for that setup. You will see both accounts and also be able to manage, save, backup those emails as it best suits you, but locally on your own device.

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Re: Telstra Emails

Your problem with email is not a google or You can't have two Telstra webmail accounts open in the same web browser. The same ting would occur if you tried to open to google mail accounts in separate tabs of the browser. If you want to open two webmail accounts open another browser such as edge and open your mothers email in that browser. You might be able to have two tabs in the same browser with two different Telstra email accounts if you used a incognito tab.


Both Gen 2 modem's will give you the same speed. Your choice of modem comes done to personal preferences. I prefer the Technicolor modem because it has some features that are not present on the Arcadyan modem, (most of these features are rarely used by average user),. some rarely used  features that both modems have but are rarely if ever used by the normal person work better on the Technicolor modem.


Those speeds are normal for  NBN 100/20 speed tier.

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