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Telstra mail very slow

My connection speed is around 10 MBPS but the viewing of mail and operations of deleting is very very slow most of the time.

Only seems to run at a dicent speed 10% of the time?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra mail very slow

How are you viewing your emails, via webmail or using an email program. Do you have any security software that scans emails as they send and receive? 


Do you have any other programs running in the background that automatically back up such as DropBox or iCloud or Google Drive? This can also have a negative impact on your download.


Another thing to consider is the processing power of the computer or device itself. Make sure you have updated your security software and done a scan to remove any malware. Close any unnecessary programs that may be running in the background and wasting your computers resources. 


- Shelly

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Telstra mail very slow

Viewing emails via webmail.

On a Mac using Avest Mac Security.

No to other programs running in background.

Scaned for malware etc.

Processing power must be OK as SOMETIMES Telstra mail runs quickly.

Thank you Shelly.

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