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Telstra Webmail Client cannot support more than one email address???

Telstra recently moved both of my Big Pond email accounts from being serviced by (presunably) Microsoft to its own platform.


Until then I had been happily using web client and could see and access both BP email accounts/emails/folders from within the one app.


Since the move I am now being forced to use Telstra's own webmail app which appears to only support one email adress.


I see this as a retrograde step - unless somone has a workaround to rectify this.


I note with amusement that one of the selling points of the new Telstra email platform is that you can have:


   - up to 15 different email addresses (AND RUN 15 CONCURRENT VERSIONS OF WEBMAIL ??)

   - Access across all your devices – desktop, mobile, tablet (AS LONG AS YOU DON"T WANT TO SEE THEM ALL IN ONCE PLACE)


The new email platform is sold to us bunnies as "To ensure we meet the growing needs of our customers and provide the latest technology" - that is unless you want a simple thing like being able to access more than one Telstra email address forem the one instance of the webmail client.



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Re: Telstra Webmail Client cannot support more than one email address???


My summary

I too have two Outlook accounts  were happily receiving and sending till 28 July 

Two e-mails saying telstar mail almost here 


Then - nothing from Telstra No phone call , no text message  no follow up or telephone call to explain what had happened


This project  ASS U ME D by Telstra senior staff and management  to go fine - anything but 


Poorly communicated  2 emails 1 day before change over  sorry busy people don't always see something one day out form the execution 


Poorly thought through before execution- no flyers info instruction sheets - 13 Step Instructions when eventually found we have to print these ourselves 


Poorly executed


There is enough change in the world without further complications because Telstra say this is a good idea and by the way its happening - no wait its happened 


Too bad if you are running home businesses  or working remotely from home - which I do both of 


Have theTelstra managment not heard of the saying - "If it ain't broken - don't fix it"


I pity the poor Telstra tech support people who are doing their level best to fix this mess


Not Happy!!!!!!



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Re: Telstra Webmail Client cannot support more than one email address???

I'm not aware of the ability to manage multiple addresses from a single login via webmail. As far as I know it involves logging in and out of each one individually.
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