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Too much spam

Since the change by Telstra  to Telstra- Mail and  leavining Bigpond I get so much SPAM. Prior to this I got virtually none. And this the same service provider offering  "a new and better service"


Any suggestions?



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Re: Too much spam

I'd suggest marking the mail as spam as often as you can.


The more folks that do that, the smarter the system will become in learning what is and isn't spam.

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Re: Too much spam

thanks Kalak


I use Outlook and push the mail into the SPAM folder. Does not seem to be learning much.


Maybe i should use the on-line mail version and push the mail into SPAM there. FYI my mail box is IMAP if that makes a difference.




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Re: Too much spam

I complained to telstra that I was getting too much spam through my Outlook account. They made suggestions about adding addresses in the blocking sections.............which didnt work. I then decided I would access all my mail directly from their web mail service. Worse..............loads of spam. After contacting their "tech department" I got told to enter each spam address eg: @MAIL.com.au, in the Organise Inbox section, blocking each sender. Guess what............didn't work. This is their own mail service and the filters don't work. Other than changing my email address they have put me in the too hard box.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Too much spam

Hi Unhappym,



The following link provides more information on how to manage spam. Specifically that you need to add a * before the @ symbol.


eg: *@mail.com.au




There is no perfect solution to block all spam as they continually come up with new ways around the filters, but we are continually focused on improving on this. 


- Shelly

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Re: Too much spam

So after more than 9 months of so much spam I'm amazed, now getting much less by adding the sender to blocked list as *@theaddress as it shows. Using the * seems to have worked, early days only started this week. Let you know. Fingers crossed. 


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Re: Too much spam

After getting nearly 100 a day I'm now down to less than 5 and the other night zero.


I have done all the blocking using the "*" and applying rules and marking emails as spams. I think that helped but I'm sure Telstra has lifted their game. I was wondering whether others had noticed an improvement. Has this blocking done the job or has Telstra got better at recognising spams.

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