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trouble loading bigpond email

I cannot load my bigpond email for about a week now - I get three blinking squares. please help.

over and out

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Re: trouble loading bigpond email

There are many many similar complaints on here.

Like most people I have had problems now for a month.

Left pane loads, but the... "inbox" takes many many minutes, or times out, or never loads.

On computers, tablet, phone.

And a few months before, same problem for a week.

If you use the troubleshooter just get the red message "having problems with email service".

If you get online help, they know nothing.

Just say the usual old "use a different browser/different computer/clear cookies/reset browser (never do that)".

If you lodge an online complaint, they:



email you back a ticket number 🥺

Level 1: Cadet

Re: trouble loading bigpond email

And they don't give a crap.


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