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Unable to Log In to Telstra Bigpond Email - Copy of chat with Telstra agent

Welcome to Bigpond Technical Support! My name is Bxxxxx, I apologize for the long wait as we currently have a high volume of chats on queue but don't worry, I'll do my best to help you with your concern for today.

You at 19:50, Jun 27:

thank you. I am UNABLE to log into Bigpond EMAIL

Bhaskar at 19:50, Jun 27:

Due to a temporary Service disruption, We are experiencing some issues with BigPond Email Services. We do apologise for the inconvenience caused. Once the outage is restored you will be notified.

Bhaskar at 19:50, Jun 27:

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Bhaskar at 19:51, Jun 27:

Our team is trying hard to fix the issue.

Bhaskar at 19:51, Jun 27:

Please allow us sometime to fix the issue.

You at 19:51, Jun 27:

how long?

Bhaskar at 19:51, Jun 27:

There is no expected time once the outage is rectified you will be notified for sure.

You at 19:52, Jun 27:

I need an approximate length of time, as I have a deadline to work with

Bhaskar at 19:53, Jun 27:

Sorry to tell you I cannot provide you any wrong information that it would be fixed in certain time.

Bhaskar at 19:54, Jun 27:

You can track the updates on https://outages.telstra.com/

Bhaskar at 19:54, Jun 27:

We will updates the details soon.

You at 19:54, Jun 27:

that has been saying "there are No outages"....which is Obviously wrong.

You at 19:55, Jun 27:

will that have actual correct information on it any time soon?

Bhaskar at 19:55, Jun 27:

We are updating the details soon please allow us some time.

You at 19:56, Jun 27:

ok.... I accept your courtesy, however the lack of information from Telstra is Not Good enough

Bhaskar at 19:57, Jun 27:

I apologize for that.

Bhaskar at 19:58, Jun 27:

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

You at 19:58, Jun 27:

I will monitor the Outages page, I hope it is updated rapidly. thank you for your time ( although it has taken 1.25 hours). If the Outages page was updated more quickly, there would probably be a lot less people in the Chat queue.

You at 19:58, Jun 27:

nothing else today. thank you

Bhaskar at 19:59, Jun 27:Thank you for using Telstra Live Chat Service. You may now close this chat session. Please feel free to come back and chat with us anytime, as we are always happy to assist you. Again, my name is Bhaskar. Have a wonderful day, Good bye.


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Level 23: Superhero

Re: Unable to Log In to Telstra Bigpond Email - Copy of chat with Telstra agent

Are you still having problems accessing your emails?
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