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using additional mailboxes

OK I finally mannaged to add 2 addional email addrees

1 for my Wife

1 for my son


How the hell do I use them

If I go to and try to login as them I get an error telling me the password id wromg

I set up a new profile on Outlook

using their details for the login and setting all the oother settings the same as my profile - (which was setup by on-line support)

Incoming sever (pop3) 995

Outgoing server (smtp) 587

why is it not working  - is there a replciation time fro the accounts to be come active

Why is the not easy to find and follow guide for this

Most houes have only have the 1 intenet connection sharinf multiple emails

Every other provider I have been with this has beena n easy not brainer to setup

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Re: using additional mailboxes

YYou have to log in with the main account username and password. The additional email accounts are what you would call sub accounts.



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Re: using additional mailboxes

Hi, I have a new Bigpond account and setup 4 mailboxes (3 in addition to the primary). The key for the Outlook setup is that the additional mailboxes must be able to login to


Verify the logins you created by attempting to login with each of them:


If your additional accounts are unable to login as you have mentioned, go to your Bigpond services and reset the passwords for each of the additional mailboxes you created.


If you are able to login with each of these mailboxes in then you need to do some basic things to facilitate POP3 email in the Outlook mail client. You may wish to try your primary email account first to prove the concept if these extra mailboxes still present a login problem however.


You need to activate the POP3 functionality from within if you have not already done so. Login and click on the icon (looks like a gear) just left of the mailbox name on the top right hand side and select options. Change the time zone while you are at it, and then choose "Connect devices and Apps with POP". Select the checkbox to enable POP and choose the option you desire for dealing with downloaded messages. Hit "save" at the bottom left.


Then in your Outlook client, the account settings (POP & SMTP) you indicate are correct and they work in my tests, There's just some fine tuning needed though you may have done this already. When setting up Internet email settings in Outlook select "more settings".


Under the outgoing sever tab check the box "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" and check "use same settings as my incoming mail server".


Then select the advanced tab - incoming (POP3😞 port 995 as mentioned and the related box "this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)". Outgoing server (SMTP)  port 587.  Under the "Use the following type of encrypted connection" use Auto.


After this go back to the Outlook "Internet email settings" and test the account settings again to confirm the username / password are able to login to the POP3 server as well as able to send a test email successfully.


The above settings have been tested with Outlook 2007 and 2010 and were seen to work correctly. I suspect the issue you may have is not activating POP3 in as that is a somewhat hidden setting.


Good luck.






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