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Webmail Junk Filtering

Once again most of my mail is suddenlt being sent to junk even tough I have marked it as not spam.


The mail is moved temporariliy from junk to inbox and then a few minutes later reclassified as junk.


Anyone got any idea how to disable filtering as it is totally useless.

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Re: Webmail Junk Filtering

I don't rely on Webmail at all, so I removed all the rules.. (Settings | Manage Inbox) and just let everything come in..  except for any spam filtering that Telstra applies.. 

On my email client, I apply rules for spam etc that I can control locally..


So that is all I can suggest if you want to continue using solely Webmail, login to Webmail, go to Settings | Oganise In box and delete any rules you don't want..   if the emails are still being seen as spam/junk then it has to be something Telstra is applying - there have been a few posts on here about unusual email filtering, so i suspect the server fix/rebuild has causing a few issues..

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