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webmail login issues

Ok so this redirects to the help pages that I have already read from 2016. Seems like the issue is still persisiting.



I go to webmail login

It redirects me to pop up stating that I am being upgraded to "MyConnect" please try again or you can continue to Webmail.


STUCK IN PERPETUAL LOOP OF INSANITY for the last 24 hours....


I have tried multiple avenues of "Contact Us"  which just redirect me back into the loop of terror.


Please somebody help me with this stupidly easy task of setting up a new email account (attached to my existing email account with BigPond) for a semi technically literate individual, this whole process seems particularly cumbersome..


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: webmail login issues

To add a new email account to a existing account log into Telstra My Account.

Click on Manage your email accounts on the left hand side under Plans and usage.

Click on "Add Mailbox"

Type in the user name you wish to use and click on "check" to make sure it hasn't already been taken.

Type password you wish to use for the account in password field.

Retype password in the Re-enter Password field

Click on confirm.

The new email account should be set up.

Can test the new email account at WEB Mail


If can't see "Manage your email accounts" Check that the account for your Bigpond Internet is selected in Drop down list top centre of page


To configure email account in an email client on mobile device, PC or MAC see.

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