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New contract

Telstra have started again.

I hope we are not starting again. I have recontracted, new phone and data allowance. I continually get a warning that I have used my data. My phone indicates 2 GIG. My contract state 30 GIG.

My contract is less than 72 hours old and I again walk into a quagmire. If this problem is not rectified within 24 hours... GAME ON.
Please do not say "I am sorry " if you were, stupid things like this would not occur.

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Re: New contract

Unfortunately these forum pages are seldom responded to by stores so it is unlikely that the store will even see this post. But as it is a public page the staff that do monitor here are limited information they can provide and can’t help with account enquirys.

If you have had your order complete and received a text message to say your new allowance is 2GB instead of the expected 30GB your best bet is to call 132200 or chat and they will fix it for you in no time... otherwise you can take it to the ombudsmen sure, but it could take up to 15 days and if you don’t contact Telstra first you will often get bounced back to them to call them and give them a chance to resolve it first.
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Re: New contract

I would love to talk to someone that knows what is going om. But unfortunately Nothing I do or say , apart from going to the ombudsman, works. I have a new contract and a new phone. Was not on a contract and was charged $119 for two days. Also My data allowance is only 5 GIG, contracted for 30 GIG
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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: New contract

Give 132200 a call (or try so that you can get a transcript). Find out what the system has recorded your contract as. If it is incorrect, you will need to visit the store to get it rectified. The online & phone consultants will not be able to do anything if the store has made a mistake.

You can also lodge a formal complaint with Telstra, but it will still probably require a visit to the store that you signed up at to get it rectified.
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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: New contract

Hi dm4,

As @Jupiter mentioned above if you signed up in a store then I'd definitely recommend heading back to the store about this so they can sort it out. If you aren't happy with their response though we have an online form that you can use to lodge a formal complaint about this here:


That way we can get a case manager assigned to you to follow this through until it is resolved.

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