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International Roaming on a cruise ship

What do I have to turn off when on a cruise ship for 3.5 months?  I do not wnt to take and receive calls when out of Australia - just text messges and emails.




Both parties will bring our iphones, but only use for telephone emergencies if we lose each other ashore!!


 How can we organise this.  Do we turn international roaming on or off.  If we turn on, do we pay for every crank and nuisance call from charities in Australia while on holidays?


We are seniors, so keep the advice simple please.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: International Roaming on a cruise ship

That causes a few issues. If you stop the phone functionality, you stop the text message functionality (unless you have iMessage set up).


I would suggest putting the phone into Airplane Mode and then turn Wifi on. This disables the phone functionality, but will let you get emails and (possibly) text messages via iMessage. That is assuming you have access to the ship's Wifi.


When you go onshore, remember to turn off Airplane mode on both phones, otherwise you will not be able to contact each other.

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