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Old Phone not working, New phone hasn't been delivered Urgent requirement.

Hi, I realize due to covid 19 and Easter, there maybe staff shortages, and delivery delay's.


I'm directly affected with no income and i'm expecting a call from the government on my mobile. Unfortunately, my mobile iphone 5SE has a dead batter, and even with a power cable plugged in it only stay's on, for a little while, providing I don't use it.  If I try to do anything like use the browser, or any apps or try to call or talk to anyone it crashes immediately. 


My order was processed on Sunday the 5th nearly 10 day's ago.  I'm also guessing the Easter break has further increased the delay. 


I'm not far from Noosa Civic, if there is a delay with the delivery part only, I don't mind coming to the store to pick up my new phone.    Are the stores open, can I make an appointment to pickup the phone, rather than wait for delivery ?


Thanks for your time, I realize patience is required at this unfortunate time, all of my work and banking and lively hood is handled by my phone, some I can do online, but I urgently require my replacement phone.  I look forward to working out a mutual solution to the problem, I've been with Telstra for over 15 years.



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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Old Phone not working, New phone hasn't been delivered Urgent requirement.

I am in the same boat (old phone broken, bought a new one online which said a 2 day delivery, then that went up to 5 day and now it's been weeks). I can't get through on the phone, nor the online chat. I went into a store yesterday, they said they can only help if I order through the store. But I can't put an order through the store until I cancel my online order. I can't cancel my online order as I can't get through to Telstra. There is no indication on the website that there is a delay in ordering a phone until after you've actually ordered it. So frustrating. And yes, am now paying for a phone I don't have.

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