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Ridiculous appointment making


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Re: Ridiculous appointment making

Before I say any of this, I have to say the young man who is the gatekeeper at Telstra Noosaville is fabulous.  He has a rotten job, but is able to do it with grace.  If I had a job going I would offer it to him!  He did however look quite strained on Saturday, having to enforce such stupid rules so often would eventually get to anyone.  The shop is quite large, employ a few more people and have someone on the counter for people who just want to pick up an accessory!!  Don't insist everyone tries to up sell, this is what takes the time.  Just get these wonderful young people to provide good service.  We will come back for good service.


1.  Why did I need an appointment to purchase a replacement dongle?  I was in the middle of a busy work day and my dongle died.  I just needed the dongle, but no I had to wait for almost an hour for something which could have been a 1 minute, happy interaction. 


2.  I would like to update to the new S20note but couldn't imagine the size.  I wanted to see the phone and compare the size to what I have now.  I can read about the details.  But no, I have to make an appointment.  The phone was probably within 3 metres from where I was standing,  30 seconds and I didn't need anyone to help me at all.    I went to Optus, where they have hand gel, spacing and a lovely young lady who very happily showed me the phone.  Took 30 seconds, but while I was there I got details about their plans and coverage. 



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