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Foxtel from Telstra

I switched over to FOXTEL from Telstra at least 10- years ago with a Premium HD package which covers everything.

Just recently though I feel I'm being used as a Cash Cow for this company. With the premium I pay Foxtel was good at that time but over the last year or two it has become a very poor substitute. Channels have disappeared and not been replaced making that high price a joke, and on top of that the number of commercials in an episode of any program is far beyond ridiculous. After a total of approximately15-16 years I am giving you just 3 months to show me a big improvement in the quality of this service or I'm finished with Foxtel forever.  After all these years I'm disappointed with our Government too, they gave you permission to run commercials at the start of the Foxtel setup going to air to compensate for the low uptake at the time. All the improvements in your subscriptions and your bottom line this should have been stopped many years back. Australia is probably the ONLY country in the world that allows PAY TV to run commercials to air and get paid exorbitant prices as well.

Fred Froggerty : A Telstra HD Premium with Foxtel through Telstra. A consumer of NSW. Not employed by anyone, and the answers I supply here are just my personal experiences I share in the hope they can help you, as they have helped me.

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