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One Direction tickets I registered and yet nothing

I have never received great service from TELSTRA and again was proved it is still the same despite all the ads.  I cannot talk to anyone about it because they are too busy - probably hiding under their desk - the CEOs get too much money while they keep sacking the REAL workers.  I registered for TELSTRA THANKS tickets and never received a code notification.  THIS SO SUCKS> I never expected it and never got it - typical!

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Re: One Direction tickets I registered and yet nothing

How long have you waited? When the big concerts come out then the ticketing companies get slammed all at once so their response can be delayed as they process the orders. Telstra is actually just providing you a link to the discounted ticket site and it is the ticket agencies that process the order. If you got a confirmation number at the end of the purchase then you should be in the ticketing companies database and shouldn't worry.

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Re: One Direction tickets I registered and yet nothing

I got my code by calling #811# so i got my code via text message. It sounds like in order to know what webpage/link to go to in order to actually ACCESS the presale, you needed to receive an email with the link. Will i still receive an email or am i supposed to know where to go to buy the presale tickets myself? Because i do not know where.

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Re: One Direction tickets I registered and yet nothing

Hi there Gelsomina, and good evening.


Below I have provid3ed two links, for the purchase to be made depending on your nearest city or location that you would be attending the concert. Just click on the Ticketek link or Tickmaster and you're off and running, enjoy.


For Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide tickets can be purchased from Ticketek


For Melbourne and Perth tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster.



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