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Rewards very limited

Anyone else had similar experiences with Telstra Plus?

Briefly ... Most of day messaging to follow up missing points. Received a helpful call back and issue was resolved. Great!

When asked about other issues I pointed out too many rewards are out of stock. Some apparently never realistically available, raising the question around the suitability of items that are never in stock to appear as potential rewards. Have since ordered a drone which went out of stock 3 days after I placed my order. I like to think that means it was in stock when I ordered it. No delivery yet, but worse, no apparent way to get info about my expected item. Could all be done much better. Telstra promotes the reward scheme heavily but it really is a half baked department. 

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Re: Rewards very limited

I should point out that I don’t expect super quick delivery. I think a couple of weeks is probably fair at the moment. Though Amazon can still manage just a week and the phone itself arrived in three days. 
But after reading other posts here, I am not confident my Telstra Plus transaction will be a smooth one. It should be very straight forward if the item was available when I placed my order (it is 2020 so I have to expect that they can at least keep track of orders versus stock)

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