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Sim Card for 4G Kids GPS Tracking Smartwatch

Can the sim card from my son's phone be used in this device or do I need to purchase a separate sim card?


Also, is it possible for my son to keep his sim in his phone and get a sim with the same number for the watch? 

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Re: Sim Card for 4G Kids GPS Tracking Smartwatch

You could transfer the SIM from your son’s phone to the watch, though that’s assuming that both use the same size SIM card, which is probably a Nano size.

You could alternatively purchase a separate SIM card so both the phone & watch are operational at the same time.


You cannot have the same Telstra One Number on both devices because the watch model is not listed as compatible by Telstra. See compatible watches

on the One Number webpage.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Sim Card for 4G Kids GPS Tracking Smartwatch

You need to put a nano SIM into the watch.


You can't get a second SIM with the same number so that the watch and phone can be used at the same time on the same number.


And the watch doesn't have eSIM capability so Telstra One Number isn't an option either.


The watch is designed as a standalone option, essentially for kids who don't have phones.

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