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Telsta $11 Thanks Movie Tickets

I log into my account and l click link to Telsta $11 Thanks movie tickets and it redirects me to My Bigpond My Services page. This also happens when l try Music /Sports or Flybuys link. I have been purchasing these tickets monthly for over a year then l just stopped being able to buy them. Rang Telstra twice and have spent over an hour with them trying to do differant things and l just give up as they get me to repeat things l have done over and over. I have 3 computers and the same thing happens with all 3. Thanks for any help!

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Re: Telsta Thanks Tickets not working for Business customer - diverts to Bigpond page

I have exactly the same problem, I have been using MyAccount Business for years and been purchasing Telstra Thanks Tickets for over a year.


About 2 months ago the Telstra Thanks link tries to redirect you to the Events Ticket site but fails and sends you to the Bigpond My Services page.


It makes no difference which link to telstra thanks (Bus Account/Bigpond link/personal Thanks page) they all redirect to Bigpond account page, if you clip on Thanks in bigpond it just goes round in circles


I have tried 3 other PC's and Chrome amd the 24/7 App, even the app when tickets are selected diverts you to Bigpond Servcies Page.


I too have spent hours on the phone trying to get it fixed to no result.


Support called be back and said Telstra is aware of the problem but no time frame to fix. Apparently only effects business customers.


They suggest find a friend who has a personal account and use theirs to buy tickets - Seriously?


Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telsta $11 Thanks Movie Tickets

Sorry to hear that, the information I have here is that if you are having these sort of difficulties you need to have a chat to our My Account Team about this on 1800 266 000. They should be able to work through the problem with you and work out exactly what is causing this.


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Re: Telsta Thanks Tickets not working for Business customer - diverts to Bigpond page

Dear Dylan, thank you for the reply.


As the "spent hours on phone" and the "Support called me back.....with sugestion" were all with the My Account team on 1 800 266 000 I am not sure how this fixes it.


I was hoping you have more influence and info than we/they do.


All Telstra sites after you are logged in attempt to send you to this URL for tickets:




However this fails and redirects you every time to this :




Notice the "do not redirect" responses. All this amounts to crappy code and failure to test on telstra's part.


Remember I have been buying tickets for over a year, but when Telstra attempted to change the My Account authentication to Bigpond email addresses and passwords instead of an account name they screwed it up. Many things have not worked since.




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Re: Telsta Thanks Tickets not working for Business customer - diverts to Bigpond page

You took the words out of mouth with your reply to Dylan! Thank you for that. Its good to know that its not something wrong down my end but Telstra's. Nothing more l can really do now. l have stopped going to movies as $20 is unreasonable amount of money to pay when l should be able to get it for $11!  I did read someone else's link that when Telstra reset her password it worked for her. When l have asked Telstra to try this they literally ignored me.


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Re: Telsta Thanks Tickets not working for Business customer - diverts to Bigpond page

Well I just reset my "My Account" password and now I had to change all my device login details to get mail. Strange being as I don't even log into "My Account" with my email address but my business username.


I was hoping it would change the "My Account" password and not my mail account password, after all I don't sign into My Account with my email address anyway.


No such luck it changed the "My Account" password associated with my username AND the password on my email account.

This confirms its all part of the Bigpond replacing My Account authentication is all screwed up. Thanks Bigpond being as "My Account" Business Username and Password should be none of your business anyway.


After logging back into My Account with the new password the Thanks just redirects to the My Bigpond page again.


I wanted 4 tickets for movies tonight but gave up.


Perhaps we could all complain to Events Cinemas about it not working and how much business Telstra is costing them and they can apply pressure on Telstra to fix it?










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Re: Telsta Thanks Tickets not working for Business customer - diverts to Bigpond page

Well its now been over 2 months and it still doesn't work.


Any attempt to get thanks products dumps you at the Bigpond my account page.


Something did change this week (for the worse) during the week for 3 days I couldn't log into my business account at all, when you logged in rather than get the dashboard you also dumped at the Bigpond Account page (and I'm not even using my bigpond email address to log in with, but My Account Business User name). In other words all roads led to the useless bigpond account page.


At least this has been fixed and since thursday I can log back into my business account again but still no movie tickets for this weeend.


My Accounts says they are aware of the problem and are working on it "but have no timeframe".


Meantime suck it up all you loyal business customers.



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Re: Telsta Thanks Tickets not working for Business customer - diverts to Bigpond page

I am was having the same problem and I needed to speak to 5 different people at Telstra to fix it!!


The problem was:

  1. On my PC, in Chrome & IE I browse to http://www.telstra.com.au/
  2. Clicked on the 'My Account' link on the right hand side
  3. Selected 'Business Account'
  4. Login with my details
  5. When I logged in it took me to the 'My Account for Business' page, at the bottom of this page is the 'Thanks' section, where I clicked on the 'Movies - $11 movie ticket'
  6. This re-directs me to 'My Bigpond' page - nothing to do with movies

I finally found out that it was a problem with my account - since it was a bigpond account it was never going to let me buy movie tickets!


I had to get my account re-created - which took a couple of days, over the phone to be able to access the movie section again.


I hope this helps someone else who is experiencing the same issue!

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