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Telstra Plus Movie Ticket Purchase - Not Working - Error

I'm trying to purchase movie tickets through Telstra Plus, but after loging in, I receive a "Something Went Wrong" message - with support code NCLE001. Sometimes it let's me get to the ticket and movie selection within the Telstra Plus site but then the same error occurs. I've tried different browsers and different devices, and on different network (ie local WiFi and 4G), but the same happens. Is there a widespread issue with Telstra Plus at the moment? Thanks. Wagner.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Plus Movie Ticket Purchase - Not Working - Error

It's working fine for me (in Victoria).

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Re: Telstra Plus Movie Ticket Purchase - Not Working - Error

Are you doing this via the My Telstra app on your device (what sort of device?)? 


have you tried using the browser version on a PC - My Account, to do the same thing and does the problem still occur?


If you have been using the browser option, maybe try the My Telstra app?


For both the browser and the app, try clearing the cache and data for the browser page or the app.. then close things down and restart the PC/device before trying again...

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