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Telstra Plus - My first experience ordering on line

My experience so far ordering my first product from the Telstra Plus website  as a Gold Tier Telstra Plus member - 


30/11 - I placed an order online for a product using 40,000 points and paying the balance in cash. Cash and points deducted immediately. The order confirmation email  advised that it would take 1 to 2 business days to arrive.


9/12 - (6 business days later) Contacted Telstra to find out where it was. Finally got the annoying little chatbot to connect me to a human consultant. Apparently there was some glitch and was advised that it had been escalated and someone would contact me shortly.


12/12 - (3 business days later) Still nothing and no contact. So I contacted Telstra again and was told that someone would ring that afternoon.


13/12 (24 hours later) Still no contact from Telstra so back on the face less 24/7 chat. Now I am being told that despite receiving a confirmation email with an order number and the points and cash being taken they can’t find it in the system. 


I am on chat with the consultant as I am typing this and I have just been sent this -


     ……….. “ I understand, it's just so happen that on the day you place the order, we have a system maintenance on our system even on our online website “ …………


     ……….. “ We will be processing the order on our end and you can get it within 3-5 working days ” ………


    ………… “ Or for faster process, I will schedule you a pick up to the nearest shop, to get it right away “...........


I feel completely deflated by the process - this is a Christmas present for my son and I was excited about being able to surprise him with something he has been saving hard for. What was supposed to be a seamless online experience with delivery to the door now ends up with me waiting 5 more days or going and getting it from the shop myself.


I am off to the Telstra shop to pick it up. Lets see what happens next ……………..

………… and the follow up is that despite me asking the to confirm that they have the item in stock at the shop I have just gone there and they don’t ………


Round 4 with a consultant on chat ……….


Round 5 with 132200 not my department moved to Round 6 .... sorry we only do phones you can only do online enquiries online .....


Round 7 .......


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Re: Telstra Plus - My first experience ordering on line

Round 7 ..... 


TP : Thanks for confirming (order number), few moment please I'll contact logistics channel to get an update for this.

ME : Hold on please the transcript on my file


10 mins later


ME : Are you still there?

TP : Yes, I'm still here. Waiting for next available consultant from channel logistics. While waiting can you tell me to which number it is associated?

ME : (I give her the numbers so far)


10 mins later


TP : Sorry, it seems that channel logistics are already closed to confirm the status of the order. We prefer to contact us back by Monday 8AM to 7PM AEST.

ME : You haven't read the transcript have you





Support Team
Support Team

Re: Telstra Plus - My first experience ordering on line

Hi @malbwhite


It's very disappointing to see that you have had this type of experience in organising a new mobile handset online. While the order through the website didn't flow through seamlessly as it should on this occasion, our support teams should have had this sorted for you with minimal effort, and I apologise that this hasn't happened. 


Was this escalated for you and resolved? 

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