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Telstra plus - no email confirmation

Help me please!

I purchased AirPods through Telstra plus rewards on the 07/04/21 but received nothing after purchase.

How do I follow up on them? I did not receive a confirmation emailI and have no information on my app except my points history which states 90,000pts were deducted on the 07/04/21. They also took $50 of my own money for this purchase.

I've tried to call and they keep telling me I need an order number but I obviously don't have that, so far I've spoken on the phone to 5 different people and had 2 online chat conversations with no solution.

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Re: Telstra plus - no email confirmation

All the Telstra Plus store items I have ordered, all had a confirming order emailed to me within 24 hours giving the order number and in most I think there was a link for tracking..  my problems with Telstra with Rewards stores items occurred after the confirmation email - orders cancelled for unknown reasons by unknown persons, items going out of stock after the order was placed (even though showing as in stock when ordered obviously) or not being delivered.


The Telstra Plus/Rewards process needs a lot of improvement I think, I am nervous about ordering anything from there now, after the many bad experiences..


it will be hard for you without an order number (should be an LY number), but if you go into Telstra Plus and look at your points transactions, you should see your order item/deduction of points - which should help you if you take a snapshot of it. The big thing though, is that although they take the points from your account immediately, it can take weeks to get them reinstated in cases like yours. Smiley Mad

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Not with Telstra, just another customer like you!

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