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Telstra Reward Ordered and Not Delivered

I placed my order with the reward store on 29 Nov 19 hoping to get it before Xmas which didn’t happen....and I’m still waiting! I have also spent half of my day trying to talk to two people to sort out shipping and delivery of the bundle. I still have not received notification of the bundle being sent and am extremely frustrated with the amount of time that has been wasted on this matter. I request that either this bundle is shipped today as a matter of priority or that my points are reimbursed and the order cancelled. It is an extremely disappointing 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Reward Ordered and Not Delivered

You can't request that through here. Best way to do that is via Livechat.


Unfortunately, getting accurate updates on delivery status is next to impossible, the consultants don't appear to have access to the required information in my experience.

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Re: Telstra Reward Ordered and Not Delivered

Honestly, best bet is to contact the company they use for delivery (which from memory is Startrack)

Get a consignment number from telstra live chat then follow up directly with the delivery company, telstra just puts in a work order for delivery and its out of their hands from there.

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