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Telstra Rewards- Phillip Hue

I placed an order on 25th of March using my Telstra Rewards Points.

I still don't have a tracking order number nor received the product.

Does anyone know how to submit a request to get an update?


Thankyou Nik

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Re: Telstra Rewards- Phillip Hue

Hi Nik,


I am in the same boat, I also purchased some Hue light packs on 27/03.  I was on this forum a few weeks ago and have also followed up with the 24x7 Chat offered via the mobile app and was told that so long as you have received the “We’ve got your order” email with an invoice number- the order has been confirmed. 

I was then told it’s simply a matter of waiting to receive the shipping confirmation. I was not given an ETA.

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Re: Telstra Rewards- Phillip Hue

I'm in the same boat too.

It appears there is lots of us who ordered things we have not received. Mine is two months now.

I wish i just brought my item from Facebook Marketplace lol. at least i would have it now.

General consensus is its just going to take a few months to get your items Smiley Sad

Pretty poor I reckon but there you go.

Called, been in store, called some more but no one can give me an answer on how long.

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Re: Telstra Rewards- Phillip Hue

@Niktancev @jayaus same here, the Philips Hue Kit, 8 weeks now, I ordered on the 29th of March. Was COVID-19 and once they're shipped there will then be the Toll delays.

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Re: Telstra Rewards- Phillip Hue

Hi All,


Has anyone had any luck receiving the goods?




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Re: Telstra Rewards- Phillip Hue

Hi all,

My friend received an item (headphones) from Telstra Plus yesterday which made me follow up again with the Get Help function in the Telstra app and it's safe to say I am pretty pissed off with Telstra's response.


I ordered 2x Philips Hue Kits on 27/03/2020 and have received no updates following the order confirmation. Yesterday I found out that my orders had actually been cancelled (god knows when) by the 'warehouse' due to no stock. The justification given is that the item was still advertised when they had no stock and they are unable to provide a timeframe on when/ if new stock will be arriving.


If you ordered the same item, please raise it via the App and let me know of your response. I am going to be placing a complaint with Telstra because even after I was told the order was cancelled, I had to ASK for a refund... Imagine if I never contacted Telstra and just waited, or imagine if I didn't ASK for a refund.


I think this is absolutely disgraceful (and I am giving some consideration that COVID has turned things on its head) but this is simply unacceptable.


If someone reads this and works for Telstra, please get in touch with me- I AM NOT HAPPY.


As for others who have placed orders, let me know how you go.






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Re: Telstra Rewards- Phillip Hue

same thing happened to me, 19,000 points gone and no item. placed on the 29 march 2020

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Re: Telstra Rewards- Phillip Hue

Hello everyone.......have any of you had any contact about or delivery of your Telstra Plus order?


I placed an order on June 29 2020 using both points and paid an amount via credit card. Both were immediately taken.


The day placed the order, I received an email providing an invoice number only. One week later, received a generic email, signed off by Meg Bonighton - Head of customer service and contact services -  stating “....extended delays....”. 


Today, July 22 2020, received a Telstra Pus email offering certain ear buds and a speaker as the latest offers. Out of interest, I began the ordering process and it clearly states “....issue with our delivery partner Toll and ongoing COVID 19 impacts, we’re experiencing delivery delays of on average 10 days on some orders”. They insultingly Conclude with “We’re doing everything we can to get your order to you quickly”.  


Considering 1) what I ordered has already been paid for with points deducted, 2) upon an early inquiry I was told that an order number would be provided later  -  interesting that I can order something, pay for it yet cannot be provided an order number -  3) I’m yet to receive any further advice on the status of the order and finally 4) Telstra can inform us about their latest Telstra Plus offerings and clearly state delays of 10 days.


It’s appalling that a telecommunications company can not communicate with their customers. I find it insulting that today’s email is signed off by the head of customer service. The current limitations of making contact with any helpful/productive Telstra staff is fundamentally wrong when we actually have a contract with this company. 


By way of comparison, within this period I have received two non Telstra orders/deliveries from Toll. Both electronics, no problems, no delays and no excuses.


From a business POV, keep your customers correctly informed Telstra. Too many customers have recently voiced their frustrations with numerous issues, all the while there appears to be no positive response.


If anyone is aware of how a Telstra Plus order can be cancelled and have my money reimbursed, please advise. They can keep their points as this is a loyalty programme that simply seems too good to be true.



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Re: Telstra Rewards- Phillip Hue

It's absolutely pathetic. When people on this forum can give more of an update than the company that has sold the item, you know something is wrong.


My girlfriend ordered AirPods months ago now as well, this week she got in touch with Telstra and they said 'we are going to cancel your order and refund your points, then you will have to repurchase'. Surely there is a better system and it indicates that it's likely nothing was going to happen if she didn't get in touch.


To get your money back you have to raise it via the Telstra 24x7 app or whatever the hell they call it now. I was given a refund of the money paid and a refund of the points, although I don't really care about the points now because they don't have anything of interest.


I hope the process of getting a refund isn't too painful for you, even though I can assume it will be.

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Re: Telstra Rewards- Phillip Hue

Well looking on the bright side jayaus, Telstra actually contacted you about something! 

A company of this size having no ‘plan b’ to proactively interact with customers is beyond belief. 

As for using their app, oh please don’t get me started!



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