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Telstra Thanks [Music] - How do Telstra customers redeem the offer?

For anyone analysing Office 365 for use as a business plan - I have some valuable advice - DONT!!!!

Signed up over a year ago -  Small business program - had to migrate over to Enterprise due to storage issues. For issues in upgrading from Small Business to Enterpirse just look at the other posts !!

So I finally have things running smoothly and was advised we wouldnt have storage issues again - and here I am today - NO FREE SPACE. Ohhhh did I mention that you dont get any emails warning of impending storage issues - nope you just cant access one day - really great when you're running a remote business.


As for the customer satisfaction surveys they ask you to fill out - DONT BOTHER - have filled out 3 of them and never received a response.


I'd be interested if anyone has had a positive experience with this platform. I have been in discussions with other service providers. I would suggest anyone anlysing to look at other alternatives as we are now forced to. Other platforms that I know are working well are 'Box' an American based company - I have a client who is very happy with it - Unlimited storgae available.


As for the issues I am still facing - I am going to be seeking compensation and if its not forthcoming I suggest legal action - anoyone interested in a Class suit due to the issues faced and downtime in their business.


By the way - I am writing this whilst on hold - its been 44 minutes so far - and funny enough its the recording that directed me to here - Have a look at the number of posts for T-suite compared to other issues. 


Seriously - what a joke!!

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Re: Telstra Thanks [Music] - How do Telstra customers redeem the offer?

Thanks for your insight, I am confused to the choice of the title?

I see it as "Telstra Thanks [Music] - How do Telstra customers ..."


Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra Thanks [Music] - How do Telstra customers redeem the offer?

Hi Fango,


Apologies for the poor contact you have had with our team.


Which service in Office 365 are you referring to? If for SharePoint Online, additional storgae can be purchased through the T-Suite Console in 1GB increments. 


If you would prefer to be contacted directly for this, please fill out this contact form


- Phil

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