Important information about Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom®

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This plan has been discontinued. It’s no longer available to new customers or for existing customers to switch to.


This article provides important information about the plan inclusions to customers currently on Freedom.


How do I find out what plan I’m on?

See here for instructions on how to check and change your offer.


Recharge inclusions

When you recharge you’ll get data, Freedom Credit, your pick of Anytime Bonus or Nights Bonus, and Recharge Credit for premium usage.


Here’s how you use your included value:

Anytime Bonus (if picked)

  • To use in Australia only
  • Calls and forwarded calls to standard Telstra fixed and Telstra mobile numbers
  • SMS and MMS to standard Australian numbers

Nights Bonus (if picked)

  • To use in Australia only
  • Calls to standard Australian numbers
  • SMS and MMS to standard Australian numbers

Recharge Credit

  • Talk/text to satellite numbers
  • Premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers)
  • Operator assisted calls (e.g. most 12xx numbers)
  • Content charges
  • MessageBank® retrieval
  • Diverted calls
  • Pay-as-you-go data
  • Usage overseas (roaming)
  • Purchasing International Roaming Browse Plus Packs

Freedom Credit

  • To use in Australia only
  • Calls and forwarded calls to standard Australian numbers
  • SMS and MMS to standard Australian numbers
  • Standard numbers include 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers
  • Calls, SMS and MMS to standard international numbers from Australia
  • Once Cap Credit has been used, you can access your remaining Recharge Credit for calls and text to standard Australian and international numbers


Call and text charges within Australia

Here are the main charges that apply:

National calls

39¢ connection fee + 89¢ per 60 seconds or part 

A 2-minute standard national mobile call costs $2.17

Call diversion (call forwarding)

89¢ per 60 seconds or part 

MessageBank® retrieval

39c connection fee + 89c per 60 seconds or part

National SMS

29¢ per message sent per recipient

National MMS

50¢ per message sent per recipient


Data charges

Included data is for use in Australia only. If you’ve used up all the data included with your recharge amount, extra data is charged from your Recharge Credit at the pay-as-you-go rate of $2 per MB. You can also purchase a Data Top Up (see Recharging less than $30).


To understand how much data you might need visit the Data Usage Calculator.  



Recharge before your credit expiry date and roll over your unused Recharge Credit.


Recharging less than $30

Customers on the Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom offer are able to recharge and get a Data Top Up for when they need an extra data boost.


20 recharges receive $20 Recharge Credit to use at the standard pay-as-you-go rates for calls, text and data in 28 days. All other recharges less than $30 will receive the equivalent amount in Recharge Credit to use at the standard pay-as-you-go rates for calls, text and data within 14 days.


Call and text charges within Australia to international numbers

Here are the main charges that apply:

Connection fee (flag fall)




China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore


Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand


United Kingdom, Canada


India, South Korea


Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, France, Germany, Japan, Philippines, South Africa, Ireland


New Zealand


SMS to international numbers

35¢ per message sent per recipient

MMS to international numbers

75¢ per message sent per recipient


For other countries, see Our Customer Terms


Changing to a new plan

If you change to a different Pre-Paid plan you won’t be able to make Google Play purchases using included value. Rollover rules, inclusions (like Recharge Credit) and expiry periods may also be different. So carefully compare the new plan with your Beyond Talk plan before changing, to ensure its right for you.


When you do change plans, you’ll be warned about what balances you’re going to lose (like any remaining data, credit and bonuses).


You also won’t be able to change back toFreedom.


You’ll need to recharge to get the benefits of your new plan.


Check out our current Pre-Paid plans available to you, and see here for instructions on how to change your plan.


Call and data usage

You’ll automatically receive SMS alerts when you’re reaching or have reached your credit and data limits and when your credit is due to expire. To check your usage you can:



Credit or debit card – with My AccountTelstra 24x7 App,, #100#, 125 8888. 


Other recharge payment options are available including PayPal.


Visit for more information.


Using your service overseas

You can use your recharge credit for making and receiving calls, SMS and data overseas. These costs are higher than in Australia.


International roaming is automatically activated on your service.


Here are the main charges that apply:

  • Data while overseas - $3 per MB (charged per KB or part)

We recommend you consider one of our International Roaming Browse Plus Packs, which can be purchased using your Recharge Credit balance. These packs provide a set amount of data to use in selected countries for 30 days.


To deactivate international roaming, call us on 125 8880.


Unlocking fee

If you want to use your Telstra Pre-Paid device on another network, you’ll need to pay a network unlocking fee. 


Recharge only period

To keep your service active, you’ll need to recharge six months from your last recharge expiry date. After this time, you may need to purchase a new SIM card. When your service is in recharge only period, you can receive calls, but you can’t make calls (except for calls to emergency services and some Telstra Pre-Paid service numbers) or use any other features of our services.


Other important information

This is a summary only – the full legal terms for your service are contained in your agreement with Telstra, including Our Customer Terms

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With Recharge you were able to purchase from Google Play.


Telstra stopped this on 3/12/2017.


Telstra gave us 2 days notice.


I did not consent.


Thus, it breached their Customer Terms.


It did not benefit me, it benefited them.


It did not have a neutral impact on me at all. It hurt me.


This surely warrants a complaint to the Ombudsman.


But I am only a small player in this.


Yes, I got 5 days notice, still very short.  2 days is just plain rude !  As an "apology" they gave a one off 10gig pack lasting 28 days.  Big deal, I barely used or needed that token data.  The one off data as an "apology" implies to me they realise what they did was poor.  Short notice is disgraceful, especially if you had a lot of credit built up and I think could only spend a maximum of $50 per day or something like that.  Some would not of got a chance to have spent all the credit due to the short notice.  Came close to causing me to drop Telstra and still a factor for the future.