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Support Team

What was Telstra Mobile Memo?

Mobile Memo was a call answering service.


A receptionist answers incoming calls to your Telstra mobile service, and provides a personalised greeting. The receptionist takes voice messages from your callers and forwards them to you as an SMS or email.


Who will be affected by this closure and what does it mean?
This closure impacts all Postpaid Mobile customers subscribed to Mobile Memo services and related products.


What is happening to Telstra Mobile Memo answering service?

From 30 May 2018 this service has been discontinued.


You’ll no longer be able to receive Mobile Memo messages, or access any of its related services on the Telstra network, including:

• Memo Group Messaging
• Memo SMS List
• Memo Work Order
• Memo Group Broadcast
• Memo Group Select
• Memo Group Premium


All mobile call diversions to 102 have been discontinued.

Timeframes and Key dates:

From 30 May 2018, the service has been discontinued.


If you were a Mobile Memo subscriber and you were still receiving the Mobile Memo service on 30 May 2018, you have been automatically be transferred to MessageBank ® Standard. This allows for a personalised recorded message with convenient call back features and message notifications that help you manage your voice messages.


You can retrieve your voicemails by calling 101 from your mobile. You can choose to set up MessageBank Greetings by dialling 101 and following the prompts. Your bill will have been automatically adjusted if the Mobile Memo service discontinues before the end of your normal monthly billing cycle.


MessageBank Standard pricing, rates and service terms will apply.


What alternative messaging options are available for me to replace my Mobile Memo service?

If you need additional voicemail capabilities, the following options are available:

Voice2Text is a service that converts a voice message received in your MessageBank mailbox from speech to text and delivers it to your mobile as a text message.


MessageBank Plus
MessageBank Plus is a service that sends a voice message received in your MessageBank mailbox to a client on your handset as a sound file. You can listen to, rewind and delete the message via a visual interface. The only eligible handset for MessageBank Plus is an Apple iPhone (iOS 4.3 or later)


What should I do if I have set up call diversion on my handset to 102?

If your incoming calls have been diverted to 102 on your handset, please refer to your handset manual to disable the diversion.

I wasn’t aware that I still have Mobile Memo Service. Can you please explain why have I received this notification?
You would have received a notification because whilst you may not have been currently using Mobile Memo, the service was listed on your account.


What are the costs?


Monthly Fee

Connection Fee

Messaging costs per text

Number of included messages

MessageBank Standard

$ -

30 cents



Voice2Text $5

$ 5.00

$ -

40 cents


Voice2Text $10

$ 10.00

$ -

40 cents


Voice2Text $15

$ 15.00

$ -

40 cents


MessageBank Plus

$ 5.00

$ -



Diversion Costs - $0 / Retrieval Costs - 30 cents per 30 seconds


Still need help?

Personal and small business customers

Visit your nearest Telstra Store or call us on 132 200 from 8am to 9pm AEST and follow the prompts.


Business customers

Visit your nearest Telstra Business Centre or call us on 132 253 from 7am to 7pm AEST or contact your Telstra Account Executive. 


Global Enterprise and Services (GES) customers

Contact our Telstra Service Desk, or Customer Service Team or your Telstra Authorised Dealer.

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Just Registered

I'm very disapointed about this.  What's not mentioned here is the one thing that has kept me with Telstra is this service and the one pivotal feature that will be missing now is the emailing of messages. When I'm overseas I always have a foregin sim in my phone, so consequenly I don't  get texts from Australia unless I put my old SIM back in.  The Mobile message service is great in that it emails me a copy of my messages so I get them no matter where I am and what SIM is in my phone. This will be lost now so there is no longer any advantage in being with Telstra.

Just Registered

Was the only thing that kept my mobiles with Telstra.  I can't listen to messages in meetings and was most convenient to have an SMS with a message.  Having an operator answer the call means messages are usually more concise.  I now need to rethink my mobile services. 

Level 1: Cadet

Goodbye Telstra. 


Memo was the one and only reason that my mobile service is with you.  I will now save a considerable amount by switching to another carrier who will no doubt give me more data for less. 


I use Memo for 4 reasons:


1. My messages are emailed not sent by SMS.  My secretary has access to my email and so she sees when someone has left a message. If its urgent she can contact them and assist if I am tied up.  


2. When overseas I still get my messages even if my Telstra SIM is in a phone that I am not using much. I do take a roaming plan out, but I also get a local SIM and use that in my main device whilst travelling. 


3. I can easily archive messages (using email). This matters in my industry. 


4. Its much easier. I don't have to listen to rambling messages whilst people think about what they want to say. The operator forces them to 'get to the point'. And my clients actually like it. 


Some time back Telstra tried to outsource Memo to india. There was a backlash and they back tracked.  Now this is the solution? You may think that it doesnt make you much money. Well guess what it does - because you have just lost a customer who you can no longer gouge with expensive data. 


So, goodbye. 

Just Registered

Memo service is/was brilliant, Message bank is the worst scourge of the mobile era. Will get Telstra to switch messagebank off.

Surely there must be some alternative rather than to just can the service. Re-think this Telstra...

Just Registered

I'm very unhappy about this, Message bank does not work for me (I would say that it does not work for anyone but they did not know about this solution) . My mobile communications totally changed when I found this service while a customer of Vodafone. When moving to Telstra a number of years ago I only when forward when I found out I could get the same service.

Now I really do not know what I'll do.

Just Registered

I am also very upset over this decision by Telstra.

its the only reason why all my staff and I currently use Telstra mobile. Without this brilliant service Telstra are no longer competitive or a useful service provider.

this is a very low act by a major corporation who does not care about the impact this will have its customers. Its all about profits and not the customers.

i  have been loyal to Telstra for all of my business career but they are not caring about their customers. We will be leaving Telstra and spreading the work... 

Just Registered

disappointed as well with the exit of mobile memo. have been using it for about 8 yrs. Trying vodafone messaging service to eventually switch over when memo closes. dont need to be a vodafone mobile customer.

Just Registered

Memo has been a lifesaver for deaf and hearing impaired - Speech to Text facility will not work as well. How are you going to assist deaf people?

Received a Text Today, and thought I had already lost this Great Service. Quick Check with my Telstra Store, and found that I still it till early 2018. I hate Message Bank & Voice2Text with a Passion. Became a Vodafone Customer in 1999, when they changed the Conditions on this. Am looking at alternatives for my service. Loved my Pager, and kept it for a couple of years before I converted to Memo. Like the Idea of having the Text & Numbers being there. Accidentally Delete, you can retrive the Message. As stated above, having the email Feature is great if out of country. Sad Move Telstra
Just Registered

Telstra Memo was the only reason I was still kept my mobile service with Telstra. I have already moved my other services away. Unfortunately, I purchased a new phone and two-year contract earlier this year, so I am now I am stuck.