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Q1. What has happened to MOG?

As of  31 August 2015 the MOG service is no longer operating in Australia.


The good news is we are offering our Telstra Post-Paid customers with a compatible iOS device a 12-month trial of Apple Music.


To redeem this offer simply go to My Account, visit any Telstra retail store, or call Telstra on 13 22 00.


More information about Apple Music with Telstra can be found at


Q2. Why has MOG closed?

MOG shut down in the United States last year and they made the decision to close the MOG service in Australia by the end of August. The good news is there is a new music streaming service with the launch of Apple Music. 


Q3. Can I use Apple Music on my Android phone?

Apple Music is available today on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and PC. Apple have announced that Apple Music will be coming to Apple TV and Android this Spring.


Q4. What has happened to my MOG subscription?

Your MOG account is no longer accessible.


Q5. What has happened to my music now that MOG has closed?

All access to the MOG library is no longer available, including songs downloaded for offline playback, access to playlists and access to MOG on your SONOS system as the streaming service is no longer available.


Q6. What will happen to the MOG App on my device now the service is closed?

You can no longer access music via the MOG app. You can remove / delete the MOG app from your mobile phone or tablet using the standard process for deleting apps specific to your device model.

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I'm furious!  Just like the many other people out there who relied on MOG as a solution for mobile broadband consumers and those with SONOS systems or android devices.


APPLE Music is not a solution which works for us!  And I hate itunes with a passion!



Firstly, there's no SONOs support yet (possibly by the end of the year)

There's no Android app yet (also possibly by the end of the year)


So we will have nothing come the end of August when they cut MOG off after only a few weeks notice..


Telstra have had how long to sort this out and deliver a transition?  A year?


There doesn't seem to be any light on the 'unmetered' decision, which is probably the biggest dissapoinment of all.


Oh yes, I forgot.  Considering the actual customer, that's a thing long gone especially if they aren't the exact target market of right now.


Time to take my $150 a month account elsewhere.



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IMO Teltra's handling of the closure of MOG is a disgrace. Is there no accountability to MOG subscribers, most if not all of whom would be Telstra customers? While it has been known that MOG would be closing down, we have been led to believe that there would be a graceful transition to Beats. But the lack of information has been frustrating. Suddenly, it's all about Apple Music at the last minute. Telstra customers deserve better than this from Teltra management and complaints to the TIO seem warranted.
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Kati Lio seems to live in a fantasy world and insults us all with banale comments about a bright new future.


I'd rather see Telstra management face the "crowd".


So much for Andriod users who now occupy 78% of the market but,of course, the Apple god must be appeased!

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Level 24: Supreme Being
Well, the change from beats to apple music is the single part which is outside Telstras control. Apple purchased beats a couple years ago and a part of that they have stopped beats music and started Apple music. The part which is in Telstras control is it being metered or not, and they opted to chose what was easier rather then what was a better solution.
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I agree with DrQwerty's point about Beats and Apple but Telstra has handled the customer interface in an appalling way. I didn't receive an email about the cessation of MOG until today.  I have also been a Telstra customer from the days of PMG Dept and so has my business so would appreciate being treated better.  Unfortunately, I never want anything to do with Apple so I'll have to look at the alternatives.  No reason not to now that there is no unmetered service.

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In the interests of customer service, Telstra should have offered a migration of MOG playlists to Apple Music. At the very least, Telstra should offer to provide MOG users with an export of their favourites and playlists. Before you lose all record of your MOG music library, I recommend the Javascript that is posted at It's not perfect, but it's better than losing all knowledge of your favourite music in MOG.
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With MOG's unmetered service, I could happily listen to MOG music all day and night on my iPhone, without touching my 1GB monthly data allowance.

With Apple Music, all listening will consume my monthly data allowance. Based on Telstra's usage esitmator, if you listen to streaming audo for 10 minutes, it will consume 10MB of data. If I listen to streaming audio for 3 hours per day, that would equate to over 5GB of data per month. 

If Telstra does not offer Apple Music as 'unmetered', then ex-MOG customers should be allocated an additional 5-10GB data allocation per month.

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I do not have an I phone I do not like Apple products . I moved to MOG to avoid I tunes I also run a company that has a $2000 phone bill I am looking for an alternative that may include a new service provider.
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Them closing MOG isn't their fault, and them having to use Apple Music instead of Beats Music isn't their fault, as Beats decided to close MOG upon their purchase of MOG, and Apple did the same with Beats once they started Apple Music... so again, the movement to Apple Music is less of their fault, and as an Android version is yet to be available, the fact that the 12 months free is only available for iPhones would be because that is what Apple would want (which makes perfect sense from their point of view)... 


Audio - Migration is something which Apple should have made available in general for ALL customers migrating from MOG or Beats Music around the world.... 


I feel sorry for the NPS of the billing staff next month when all the people who change over without reading the details end up with super high excess data... because it isn't their fault that the head office are anti customer. 

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The saddest thing is the lack of helpful replies from telsra to peoples concerns.  As an android user I will have to leave at least in the short term as i love music and am not quite sure how teltsra expects me to not listen to music until Apple decides to bring it to android.  For such a large corporation it really is really bad customer service. Goodbye. farewell.