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Q1. What has happened to MOG?

As of  31 August 2015 the MOG service is no longer operating in Australia.


The good news is we are offering our Telstra Post-Paid customers with a compatible iOS device a 12-month trial of Apple Music.


To redeem this offer simply go to My Account, visit any Telstra retail store, or call Telstra on 13 22 00.


More information about Apple Music with Telstra can be found at


Q2. Why has MOG closed?

MOG shut down in the United States last year and they made the decision to close the MOG service in Australia by the end of August. The good news is there is a new music streaming service with the launch of Apple Music. 


Q3. Can I use Apple Music on my Android phone?

Apple Music is available today on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and PC. Apple have announced that Apple Music will be coming to Apple TV and Android this Spring.


Q4. What has happened to my MOG subscription?

Your MOG account is no longer accessible.


Q5. What has happened to my music now that MOG has closed?

All access to the MOG library is no longer available, including songs downloaded for offline playback, access to playlists and access to MOG on your SONOS system as the streaming service is no longer available.


Q6. What will happen to the MOG App on my device now the service is closed?

You can no longer access music via the MOG app. You can remove / delete the MOG app from your mobile phone or tablet using the standard process for deleting apps specific to your device model.

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Just Registered

Just wondering why this site is called Crowdsupport?


I can see lots of questions from the "Crowd" but so far NO SUPPORT!


Please let us know what our options are.


Will you be introducing an unmetered option?


Should I just go with Spotify or Deezer?


I'm about to move house going onto the NBN, give me a reason to stay with you......PLEASE!



Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being
They announced apple music today. They are giving 12 month free trial but it is metered.
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Well it is a sad day for all of us loyal MOG users who have been waiting for over 12 months for a new solution after the U.S. MOG closure. Thank you Telstra for keeping a great service (except if you were using the android app) going however the new offer falls very short as it is most unfortunate about metered data I would rather pay for apple music for 12 months any day if it meant unmetered data. The offering is poor at best. Good bye unmetered data and hello excess data charges(yes I realize I can monitor this !! But I shouldn't have to !!!) R.I.P MOG and your brilliant unmetered data you will be sadly missed 😭😭😭
Level 2: Rookie

Very disappointing that Apple Music is not being offered unmetred - this was the great advantage of MOG.


Plus, it's not even available yet on Android (coming Spring, apparently).

Level 2: Rookie
Telstra has pumped $200 million into a new music streaming service but no word on actual launch date..mind you they paid $15 million for the rights to use Mog here in Australia. .cannot wait for it. .I'll go without till then. .Redroo. .
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No payment out of pre paid account only debit cards or credit cards through Google play store Redroo
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our family (read Dad) is devastated we are losing Mog. As we live in a rural location with no adsl option, excessively high priced and poor quality Telstra wireless is our only option. The saving grace was our discovery of Mog with its green dot unmetered download. We have invested in a Sonos network across our house and have been using Mog for the last 3 to 4 years. This has only been an option because of the unmetred download. I only discovered the email from Sonos notifying me of the change yesterday. Nothing from Telstra. Telstra you had this service right! Good quality. Reasonably priced. I would have thought a great uptake by customers. I can only hope that you can offer a similar unmetered service as an alternative. I know of at least 8 people/ families that happily subscribed after experiencing MOG at our place. Im sure others have spread the message and been ambassadors for this service on your behalf as well. I almost think MOG needs a eulogy. Sad sad sad state of affairs.
Level 3: Gumshoe
I still haven't been notified by Telstra that Mog is ending. As said above those of us whose only option is wireless broadband are stuffed. Apple Music is NOT a viable option
Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being
I got an email yesterday to my BigPond address rather then my normal email. It informed me that it was ending and that it was being replaced with the new "solution" (maybe this Is Telstra's solution for making more on excess data...? Would make sense...) of Apple Music. You know. A couple weeks notice. Aren't they amazing.
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I would just like to add my voice to the crowd and echo the feelings of mogmaniac above.

I too am in an area not well served by adsl and have to use mobile broad band with its limited data and expense.

The additional $11 for mog and unmetered use was fantastic.


Telstra, please, please please, recognise that in Australia some of us are limited to mobile internet which was offset by Mog and its unmetered access. We cannot change providers or options and pulling this service is a poor decission.


Consider your more "rural" customers and at least offer us something unmetered or boost or monthly data beyond 25GB to take this into account.