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Q1. What has happened to MOG?

As of  31 August 2015 the MOG service is no longer operating in Australia.


The good news is we are offering our Telstra Post-Paid customers with a compatible iOS device a 12-month trial of Apple Music.


To redeem this offer simply go to My Account, visit any Telstra retail store, or call Telstra on 13 22 00.


More information about Apple Music with Telstra can be found at


Q2. Why has MOG closed?

MOG shut down in the United States last year and they made the decision to close the MOG service in Australia by the end of August. The good news is there is a new music streaming service with the launch of Apple Music. 


Q3. Can I use Apple Music on my Android phone?

Apple Music is available today on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and PC. Apple have announced that Apple Music will be coming to Apple TV and Android this Spring.


Q4. What has happened to my MOG subscription?

Your MOG account is no longer accessible.


Q5. What has happened to my music now that MOG has closed?

All access to the MOG library is no longer available, including songs downloaded for offline playback, access to playlists and access to MOG on your SONOS system as the streaming service is no longer available.


Q6. What will happen to the MOG App on my device now the service is closed?

You can no longer access music via the MOG app. You can remove / delete the MOG app from your mobile phone or tablet using the standard process for deleting apps specific to your device model.

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Level 4: Private Eye

Hi all. 


It's lovely to read such nice things being said about MOG in here. As one of the key project team members who bought MOG to Telstra, I'm so happy to hear you have been loving the service. 


For anyone who has not been notified, may I suggest checking your junk/spam folder in your email account? Sometimes email service providers can be somewhat overzealous when deciding what is junk & what is not. Smiley Wink 


I do invite you all to take up the 12 month Apple Music offer if you have not already. You can find more details about it here: 


Onwards to the new era of Telstra Music. 

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Thank you for that comment Katie.

Whilst Apple Music looks good Telstra do not seemed to have offered it to mobile broadband users on a plan and it is not unmetered.


So the only new era of Telstra Music seems to be no music for some of us !

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Hi KatieLo,


Thanks for your comments. I still haven't recv notification of MOG cancellation and I have checked junk/spam. As a number of us have said, for those of us where Mobile Broadband is the only option Apple Music is not an option. I would happily forgo the 12mths free Apple Music if i could have unmetered back.



Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being



MOG was a great solution... it worked pretty good and was unmetered meaning it provided a differentiation on other services and provides something for Music lovers which only Telstra was providing... a reasonablly priced and efficient music service which was also umetered... because at the time they wanted to provide something which differentiated them and showed the value but not now, they don't care about value any more... they just want to provide the least service at the highest price... I never thought I would get better experience from vodafail but Telstra are making it look that way...

Just Registered

I have just been notified by Telstra today and was told by another MOG fanatic that it is closing down.  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! We live in a rural area and do not have access to ADSL and therefore loved the unmetered factor.  Please tell me that you will be finding an alternative.  Our whole family uses MOG on a daily basis (on the bus, in the car, doing housework and whenever we like to play music.  I am so devastated by this news. I would even pay more money for this service.

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

@mogcrazy - The alternitive is the metered Apple Music... 



Bye Bye MOG and Bye Bye Telstra. RC

Level 3: Gumshoe

OK, so I have looked into Apple Music via Testra. I have 2 iPhones(postpaid), one iPad(prepaid) and one mobile broadband(postpaid). Under MOG I paid $11.99/pm and music was available on all devices ummetered. As I read the Apple Music Telstra 12month "offer" it is only available to eleigible phones. So, it will cost me, when the offer expires, $23.98/pm and will not be available on my iPad and mobile broadband. If I do not take up the Telstra offer but do it via iTunes my charge will be $11.99/pm and will be available on all my devices.



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My feeling about all of this is people have brains and can make good money decisions ( I have a recharge phone -not I-phone(optus), and I will not be buying an I-phone or going on a telstra plan,so I can't take up their offer .I use my telstra landline ,and I have Telstra ADSL ,I also don't have to take up other Telstra offers ,like bigpond movies  and so on as I can't understand how some of these services are unmetetered and suddenley overnight their music section has just become metered,I will give Apple a go and see how it affects my data limits but I will leave any new Telstra services out of the equation,why pay the middleman .I do not agree with Katie LIo's comment above  as the main benefit for Telsrta customers when it came to music streaming and offline access was it was unmetered and not just for the  Telstra  mobile network but for the broadband network as well .

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Hi all, 


If you believe you should have received a MOG Closure email & did not, please feel free to email with your MOG registered email address.