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PocketNews is closing on 31 March 2017. We'd like to thank you for using our PocketNews service.


You can always access news, sports, entertainment and weather from the Telstra Media mobile homepage at http://media.telstra.com.au


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is PocketNews closing?
With the majority of customers using smartphones, we have become more accustomed to using mobile internet and apps to access information that is richer in detail and functionality than a standard SMS can provide.


I am signed up to PocketNews Alerts, how will my service be affected?
As a subscriber, you will continue to receive your alerts until 31 March 2017, unless you decide to cancel your subscription earlier. After this date, you will automatically be removed from the service and all charges will stop.


When will I stop being charged for PocketNews?
You won’t be charged for PocketNews on your bill post 31 March 2017.


How can I cancel my PocketNews Alerts?

If you don’t plan to use your service and want to cancel before 31 March 2017;

  1. On your phone, go to http://wap.pocketnews.com.au, or use the PocketNews link on the Telstra Media mobile homepage at http://media.telstra.com.au
  2. Go to My Alerts
  3. Select the Alert that you want to cancel
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Unsubscribe’

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Level 2: Rookie

This appalling money grabbing app is still being distributed with new Telstra SIM almost 12 months after the service was cancelled.

I just bought a new phone which needed a new nano-SIM and I ended up with this great steaming t*rd of an app forced onto my phone yet again.

What has happened to the great Telco that Telstra used to be?

Please Telstra get this thing off my phone and stop distributing new SIMS with useless Forceware.

It alienates you loyal customers and makes them want to leave for another carrier.

Just Registered

Spot on grumpy I couldn't agree with you more!! I had no idea where that app came from and now I can't delete it either or uninstall it, best I can do is hide it 🙄

Just Registered

Pity this little turd of an app still can't be removed from a device on which it has been forced. Appalling piece of work from a company that treats people like dirt.