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What does cease mean?

From 1st September 2017 the Telstra T-Voice® app may not function correctly as we are no longer supporting this app. Whilst the app may continue to work in the short term, functionality cannot be guaranteed once scheduled software (e.g. IOS/Android updates) or maintenance updates are released after the 1st of September 2017 for  Smartphones, Tablets or new gateways.


What does this mean for me?

You may no longer be able to make and receive home phone calls via your smartphone or tablet whilst using Telstra T-Voice® app. Customers continuing to use the application will notice a warning message upon starting the application that it may no longer work from 1st September 2017.  We strongly recommend customers connect a standard Homephone handset to their Telstra Gateway to avoid any interruption to their service. Click here for more details.


What happens if T-Voice has a fault?

After the 1st September 2017 the T-Voice App is being retired and no further support will be available.


What Gateways can I still use with T-Voice?

The T-Voice app supports the following models:

  • Telstra Gateway Max (TG799)
  • Telstra Gateway (TG797)
  • Entry Level Telstra Gateway (5355)
  • Telstra Gateway Max 2 (TG800)
  • Telstra Gateway Frontier (Hybrid)

Please note after 1st September 2017 the Telstra T-Voice® app may not function correctly on any these gateways and may potentially cease functioning completely upon the rollout of future updates to Smartphones, Tablets and these Gateways.


Why is Telstra no longer updating the T-Voice app?

Ongoing changes with Smartphone and Tablet operating systems has significantly impacted the viability of maintaining and sustaining the T-Voice App in its current form. We are constantly looking for better ways to enhance the way our customers use their fixed and mobile services and hope to have some new exciting alternative products in the near future.


Is there a similar product that I can use that has full functionality?

Unfortunately there is no equivalent product at this time. For the latest features & services for your home line please visit this page.

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Your comments on monday were what alarmed me.


"Unfortunately, we cannot predict when or what changes handset/tablet may make to the operating systems which potentially may negatively impact aspects of the T-Voice App functionally."


Do my 502 handsets use the T-Voice App, the boxes are labelled "Telstra T-Voice 502", if they do and you are no longer supporting this service what hope is there for future use.


On the other hand if the 502 handsets dont use the App how do they communicate with my Gateway.

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@Ironmaid the Telstra T-Voice service and Telstra T-Voice handsets, like the 502, is a standard cordless telephone service. The gateway modem operates as the base station and your phone calls happen either over the internet, for most NBN services, or via the fixed telephone network.


The Telstra T-Voice App was something that you could download on an Android or iOS mobile phone that allowed you to make calls through your home phone connection when at home. There is no cross over between the cordless phone service you are using on the 502 handset and the T-Voice App.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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Please. Retain support for iPhone. If not then then add to Home Dashboard two functions. 1. Call register view. 2. Contact import from vcard.


Level 1: Cadet

Dank since September some time we have been unable to dial out from our saved contacts also when answering it takes so long the callers hang up.


We have tried re-registering the hand sets . After the initial setup problems they worked fine for the last year or so, which lead me to believe it may be incorrect to say it does no affect our home phones.



Level 1: Cadet

By the way I have 2 502 handsets 

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@gordy2 I am sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your handsets but I can confirm 100% that this change is entirely unrelated to the T-Voice telephone service itself or physical handsets. It is only referring to the mobile apps.


I would recommend taking a look at the user guide for the 502 handset and if that doesn't assist then a call to 13 22 03 so we can assist further.

Level 3: Gumshoe

Hey Admins,


Can you feed back that the T-Voice page is still pushing the T-Voice app AND the deprecated T-502 handset.



Russell C

Just Registered

Hi Telstra,


We recently had to get a new gateway because our existing gateway failed and we had a T-Voice 502 connected to our previous gateway.


Am I correct in thinking that it now wont work on the new Gateway as there is no DECT button on the new white gateway?

Level 5: Eagle Eye

Not true.  My gateway (Telstra Gateway) doesn't have a specific DECT button, yet it has DECT.  It should be in the settings when you login to the router's web page.


When a phone is paired via DECT, the Wifi button lights up.