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What does cease mean?

From 1st September 2017 the Telstra T-Voice® app may not function correctly as we are no longer supporting this app. Whilst the app may continue to work in the short term, functionality cannot be guaranteed once scheduled software (e.g. IOS/Android updates) or maintenance updates are released after the 1st of September 2017 for  Smartphones, Tablets or new gateways.


What does this mean for me?

You may no longer be able to make and receive home phone calls via your smartphone or tablet whilst using Telstra T-Voice® app. Customers continuing to use the application will notice a warning message upon starting the application that it may no longer work from 1st September 2017.  We strongly recommend customers connect a standard Homephone handset to their Telstra Gateway to avoid any interruption to their service. Click here for more details.


What happens if T-Voice has a fault?

After the 1st September 2017 the T-Voice App is being retired and no further support will be available.


What Gateways can I still use with T-Voice?

The T-Voice app supports the following models:

  • Telstra Gateway Max (TG799)
  • Telstra Gateway (TG797)
  • Entry Level Telstra Gateway (5355)
  • Telstra Gateway Max 2 (TG800)
  • Telstra Gateway Frontier (Hybrid)

Please note after 1st September 2017 the Telstra T-Voice® app may not function correctly on any these gateways and may potentially cease functioning completely upon the rollout of future updates to Smartphones, Tablets and these Gateways.


Why is Telstra no longer updating the T-Voice app?

Ongoing changes with Smartphone and Tablet operating systems has significantly impacted the viability of maintaining and sustaining the T-Voice App in its current form. We are constantly looking for better ways to enhance the way our customers use their fixed and mobile services and hope to have some new exciting alternative products in the near future.


Is there a similar product that I can use that has full functionality?

Unfortunately there is no equivalent product at this time. For the latest features & services for your home line please visit this page.

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Thank you lironl2

That was very helpful and have managed to get it to work.  I am not very computer technical minded but give it a go when I have to.

Much appreciated.

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I had call forwarding enabled in the app, so it would go to my work phone. How do I cancel this now the app no longer works ? Nothing on the phone itself so it must be the gateway setting. I have left that place of work so it needs to be canceled. Sbb

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So I have just set up my NBN package which I recently received from Telstra, it comes with a 503 cordless pH and instructions on the box to download the T-Voice app....what gives? 


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If you have the 503 cordles phone you don't have to download the T-Voice app.  You can air the cordless phone directly with the router.  The T-Voice app is for using your smart phone on your LAN as a home phone.  And yes they're not supporting it any more, I think they should but they've decided ot to.


I'd be interested to know how your 503 performs in terms of distance.  I tried pairing a DECT phone (not the 503) with my NBN router and audio started to break up before I got to the end of my place.  Even the included base station that came with the phone performed better than this.  I have the F@st 5355 so maybe the newer smart router performs better.


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@Agnesdei thanks for letting us know, I have flagged this with the product team. It looks like this might have been related to some older packaging but they are following up to make sure that all devices sent out have the correct packaging.

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Today,I received my new Telstra NBN Connection Kit (NBN is now available in my area and the kit came free).  Inside the box was a Modem and a Telstra T-Voice T503 cordless phone.  Instructions for installing and using the T-Voice App are included with the cordless phone.  However, the app is  not available on the Apple App Store and whilst there are plenty of information on Crowd Support on how to use it there is also a thread which says that T-Voice is exited.  So where do I stand?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

It has been existed, when the 503 where created it was still available but it has now indeed been existed so will not be available to download or use. 

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i need more information for telstra phone  t-voice 503  ie .how to view missed calls , edit phone numbers  ect

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Here  you go:

I love my T503.

It came with an earlier NBN Modem Installation Kit.

Before Telstra connected me to the NBN they provided me with a Smart Modem.

The T503 works well with the Smart Modem.  It has good range and is crystal clear on all calls.

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It would save customers a lot of time if you went through the Telstra website and removed details of this 'Exited' product; including instructions for downloading the (now unavailable) App and associated YouTube videos for iOS and Android. e.g. [sorry; I can't help you with a link to the main offending URL - it seems you don't permit it]