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Support Team

This plan has been discontinued. It’s no longer available to new customers or for existing customers to switch to.


This article provides important information about the plan inclusions to customers currently on Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II. 


How do I find out what plan I’m on?

Not sure if this is your plan? See here for instructions on how to check and change your offer.


 + Recharge inclusions

When you recharge you’ll get included data to use in Australia. Once you’ve used your included data, you’ll need to recharge.


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A saved payment method is required before opting in to Automatic Scheduled Monthly Recharge – you can set up your Automatic Scheduled Monthly Recharge via Telstra 24x7 My AccountTelstra 24x7® App or by visiting


This plan excludes usage such as calls and text to Australian and international numbers, third party content or subscription purchases, all use while overseas and pay-as-you-go data.

 + Rollover

Keep what you don’t use. Roll over unused data when you recharge before your expiry date. If you recharge before the recharge expiry date, your new recharge expiry date will be whichever of these is the later date:

  • The expiry date for your existing balance (before you recharged); or
  • The expiry date for your new recharge amount

 + Data charges and usage

If you’ve used up all the data included with your recharge amount, you’ll need to recharge.


To understand how much data you might need visit the Data Usage Calculator.


The best way to monitor your usage or check your data balance and expiry depends on the type of device your Telstra SIM is in.

  • If you’re using a tablet, download and use the Telstra 24x7® App
  • If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi or USB device, visit from your browser

 You can also log in to Telstra 24x7 My Account online.  


4G and 4GX Telstra Pre-Paid Wi-Fi devices indicate approximate data usage on the device screen or with LED lights. When connected, you can also access more information from your device’s home page at http://m.home. From here, you can manage your Wi-Fi password, monitor data usage and receive notifications of software updates 

 + Recharge

We recommend recharging with your credit/debit card or using a recharge voucher (available from a Telstra or partner store) via:

If you know your service number, you can also recharge at You don’t have to be connected to your mobile broadband service to do this. If you’ve registered for My Account, you can recharge your service from there too.


Automatic Scheduled Monthly Recharge is available once you’ve saved your payment details and set up a 4-digit recharge PIN. You can set it up using My Account or


Visit for more information.

 + Changing to a new plan

The new Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband plan may have different price points, roll over rules, inclusions and expiry periods. So carefully compare the new plan with your Data Pass II plan before changing, to ensure its right for you.


When you change plans, you’ll lose any bonus data balances you may have, and you also won’t be able to change back to Data Pass II. You’ll need to recharge to get the benefits of your new plan.


Check out our current Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband plan available to you, and see here for instructions on how to change your plan.

 + Using your service overseas

International Roaming is automatically activated on Telstra Pre-Paid services. However, the Telstra Pre-Paid Data Pass II plan excludes all use overseas.

 + Unlocking fee

If you want to use your Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband device on another network, you’ll need to pay a network unlocking fee. 

 + Recharge only period

To keep your service active, you’ll need to recharge six months from your last recharge expiry date. After this time, you may need to purchase a new SIM card. When your service is in recharge only period, you can receive calls, but you can’t make calls (except for calls to emergency services and some Telstra Pre-Paid service numbers) or use any other features of our services.

Other important information

This is a summary only – the full legal terms for your service are contained in your agreement with Telstra, including Our Customer Terms.

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Level 7: Deputy Inspector

I have used Telstra prepaid for 20 years and have had the same settings regarding data usage for the whole time which has used very little data, in the last 3 days Telstra has charged me approx $150 for data usage which has been no different than any other day, how is this possible, surely the Communications Ombudsmen needs to be aware of this so called legal thievery! My usual daily data charge has been no more than a few cents per day, so what has changed Telstra? I will definitely be taking this injustice further! You need to explain yourself! Unacceptable!