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T-Voice 503 Drops Out

Hey Guys,

I'm having an issue with 2 of my T-Voice 503 Handsets dropping outgoing calls after approx 40 seconds but does not drop any incoming calls.

I have defaulted both units 3 times just in-case the firmware was a touch buggy but that didn't rectify the issue. I think if the solution was to default the handset, re-pair & test again well that didn't work.

I have my old cordless phone plugged into the Telstra Smart Modem and she runs fine for both incoming & outgoing calls. This is my backup in-case the T-Voice has a hissy fit & am waiting for a fix from the Telstra Tech Support team.

One of the key selling points of Telstra's Smart Modem for me was this handset as you could pair with it & use the VOIP functionality along with the ability to store your contacts on the Modem but even this is buggy to me. After programming all my contacts into the modem from the Web GUI, the handsets refused to see any of my contacts. This should be a bug that was hashed out & fixed long before I bought my 2 handsets, as I mean, this should be the default way to program your contacts into your home router instead of doing them one by one through the handset like muppets taking into account most people these days have atleast 2 numbers (MB & Home Ph, Home & Office, etc, etc)

To finish off, below is the details for my modem & handsets, cheers.


Product Vendor


Product Name

Technicolor DJN2130

Software Version


Firmware Version


Hardware Version


DSL Version




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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: T-Voice 503 Drops Out

The T-Voice 503 was made specifically use with the Sagemcom (F@ST 5355).  So while it may work with other modems, it is definitely not guaranteed. 

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