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T Voice 503

I have 2 T Voice 503 handsets and one T Voice 502 that in the last month are intermittently coming up searching for base. When I log into the modem they are registered to the modem but are still searching. This can be fixed by restarting the modem. The. have worked reliably up until a month ago . I am a field CT and work with these on a constant basis. I have tried both a Frontier gateway and now a Gen 2 modem both are doing it. It's also happening on a freinds service. They are FTTC, we are FTTN. I think there has been a firmware update on something that has caused this problem. Any thoughts as we don't know when we are off the air.

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Re: T Voice 503

I know someone with a similar problem but with a Telstra Voice Extender rather than the T-Voice 503.  After a few days the voice extender's light flashes instead of being solid.  When you pick up the receiver of the phone connected to it, you hear an engaged tone.  Plugging the phone directly into the modem's phone socket produces a dial tone.  Logging into the modem shows the voice extender registered to the modem.  Rebooting the voice extender doesn't fix the problem.  Rebooting the modem fixes the problem until next time.


That person is on NBN HFC and has the Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2.

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