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t-voice and pp not receiving incoming calls


i have seen a lot of posts on here regarding the t-voice app not receiving incoming calls - has anyone found a way to fix this issue?

we connected to the NBN yesterday. Installed the T-voice app on two iPhines and a Telstra smartphone and nine of the smart phones are receiving incoming calls.

the smartphones can make outgoing calls fine and the call log shows fine, just not incoming calls.

i have followed many of the suggestions... I have forgotten the network, reinstalled the app, checked settings, but nothing seems to be fixing the problem. Has anyone worked out how to fix this problem?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: t-voice and pp not receiving incoming calls

It is a design flaw with the app. I have found that on IOS devices app has to be open to receive incoming calls. On Android devices app must be open or running in background and screen must be on.

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Re: t-voice and pp not receiving incoming calls

Do you know if Telstra is aware of this bug? And, are they going to fix it?

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Re: t-voice and pp not receiving incoming calls

The nearest response, posted on another thread about T-Voice not picking up incoming calls, was this by Ian from Telstra:


"I'll also pass this on to the app developers so we can check if this is affecting multiple users and possible fixes in the next update."


I'd hoped from the reports posted here and on iTunes App store, that the developers would have got the message that the T-Voice app on the iPhone is not working as intended. What sort of priority would be assigned to finding a solution is uncertain, but a possible fix in the next update doesn't sound optimistic for a speedy solution.

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