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Telstra T-Voice 503 - using with other phones

I have just installed the new Telstra NBN modem which also came with a T-Voice 503 phone.  I have successfully installed the modem gateway and also the phone via the gateway.


As we already had a Panasonic, two station, cordless phone system in the home (base station plus remote handset) I had to relocate the base station of this to be near the modem so i could then attach the old phone into the green phone socket on the modem.  This all worked well and I know have three handsets in the home including the new T-Voice 503 phone.


However, when I dialled into my home number using my mobile to check if all three handsets rang successfully I noticed an issue with call cancelling.  I did not answer the test call as I only wanted to see if all rang as expected. As it was just a test I then pressed the "hang-up" button on the T-Voice.  The ring tone stopped on that handset but, to my dismay, not on the other two Panasonic handsets.


I find it annoying that this occured as I want, at times, to just cancel an incoming call (without answering because it is detected as a possible scam call). What I don't want is for the incoming call ringing to continue on the other phones once I press cancel on the T-Voice. By continuing to ring on other handsets it is both annoying and frustrating in that it may eventually go to voicemail.


Is this a quirk of the system?  Is there a way to ensure a cancelled call on the T-Voice will kill the incoming call?


I want to retain all phones as I was used to having at least two handsets in the home.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra T-Voice 503 - using with other phones

Hi Harry, 


Thanks for contacting us about your home phones on NBN. They sound like they are not compatible for the feature your'e after and the T-Voice phone does have this option. It wont roll over to all units but just the unit pressing hang up button. It would be best to call NBN technical support to check if this feature is possible on your handsets on 1800 834 273. 


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