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TV-503 and Smart Cordless - Sending DTMF Tones

I have searched some of the older comments, but the answers if any are not exactly on point.


I have 3x TVoice 203 handsets and also recently added one of the newer model Smart Handsets.


I found that I am unable to use DTMF from the TV 503.


In this instance, I was ringing The Salvation Army on 137258. I needed option 2 but no matter how many times I pressed 2 on the handset I was unable to get past the initial menu (for the Salvos). Unfortunately, they had no; for anything else hold, or voice-directed options.


Does the 503 'send' DTMF, the user guide is completely silent on the issue?

I also found that the newer model Smart Handset Cordless has the same issue; I press 2 at the vice menu selection, but this does not appear to be making down the line to the 3rd party 13 (voice gateway). 


(even and older touchphone I still have working on the internal copper is not having its tones recognised during the call, where previously it was not an issue).

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Re: TV-503 and Smart Cordless - Sending DTMF Tones

That may be an issue with the Salvation Army's Auto Attendant programming not functioning correctly. I get the same result by calling their number from a T-Voice 503 on Telstra NBN HC service but I can control menus fine by calling 101 Telstra Message Bank and then dial 8 for further options etc. If you can access your telebanking with menu input from the T-Voice phones, it would also confirm all OK with your phone. 

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Re: TV-503 and Smart Cordless - Sending DTMF Tones

What is the model of your modem?

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