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iPhone 5s - Poor Service

Not a question, just a comment:


I was in there this morning to return an iPhone 5s (as advised by Telstra yesterday) and I received very poor customer service and statements along the lines "not sure we can do that" "we are different from Telstra" and "so just to confirm we are just sending the phone back for you and we have nothing to do with your plan or account".


Not at all happy. This will be the last time I deal with the Telstra Shop!

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Re: iPhone 5s - Poor Service

Hmm that’s not good to hear. I don’t think any of the stores view this forum so any information you need to confirm would best be made with a phone call.


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Re: iPhone 5s - Poor Service

Hello BJ


The reason you mention you were told at the Telstra shop   "we are different from Telstra"      is most possibly  that they are a licensed/franchised store and privately owned, as a great many of the Telstra Stores now are. That's still no excuse for the  experience you have mentioned.

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