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7plus app not working on Telstra tv

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Re: 7plus

@Leah74 I just installed that app on my TTV and its working for me.


What part of it is not working? E.G Booting the app, or Trying to view content? etc?


Apart from making sure you have internet access to the TTV, it might help removing and re-installing the app? Just a thought :-)

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: 7plus

Uninstall the app.
Then restart the Telstra TV.
Then reinstall the app.

Note: you must reboot the Telstra TV before reinstalling the app or it won't work.
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Re: 7plus

App not booting, click on it, circles and goes back to homepage
Support Team
Support Team

Re: 7plus

Hi Leah74

Sorry you are having difficulties. You can see our online support video here https://tel.st/ysh34 for how to troubleshoot apps on the Telstra TV. 

If this does not work, as Jupiter and Ozmoz have advised, I would try deleting the app and then re-installing the app. See instructions here https://tel.st/zaa2r. I would recommend trying a factory reset https://tel.st/eanme;

If you are still having issues, please have a chat with our Telstra TV support team on 132200 and say TELSTRA TV then FAULTS. 

If none of the above works, you will need to report the problem via https://tel.st/vcth7 then it will give them more information to try and figure out what is going wrong (they will send you an email asking for more details and to investigate further).

Let us know how you go

Regards -


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