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9now App live stream wrong time zone

Hi, need some help please.

I am in regional WA, just got my Telstra TV this week. Set it up , updated firmware request, downloaded 9now app and activated it via my 9now app on my iPad.


the 9now live stream is picking up the east coast time zone, my iPad 9now app has correct WA time zone. 7plus app on Telstra TV is also picking up WA time zone. Checked my registered 9now account and it has a WA postcode location. No VPN on my router . 


Scratching my head here , any ideas ?






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Re: 9now App live stream wrong time zone


I just read your query and went on a fact finding mission to see if I could make a suggestion. All I could find out when I checked out 9Now, was a website address for further information

To get to where I got the information from I opened up the 9Now app on my tv. I pressed the * button which took me to their menu, I scrolled down to FAQ and sourced the information from there. I don’t know if this information helps but I thought I’d pass it over to you in case you were unaware. I’ve had my issues in which I had to resolve myself, not blaming anyone in crowd support given the time of year it is and getting an answer may take longer than it usually does. Also, I don’t work for Telstra or 9Now, I’m just someone who’s scratching my head just as you are.
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