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Amazon Prime App

I know this has been brought up before. But it is ridiculous that we should even have to ask for it.

Roku is basically the only High Quality 3rd party provider to provide a decent streaming box. Even Chinese streaming boxes are locked into android but they are barely widevine certified, let alone 4k certified.

Telstra's deal with Roku is probably great for Telstra, but the severe restrictions you've placed onto the ecosystem is frustrating me to no end.

I want Plex. Yes, apparently I could side load it. Yes I have the skills to do it.

But I shouldn't bloody have to.

Previously you have mentioned that Amazon aren't shopping the app around because they are focusing 9n their own boxes and ecosystem.

That's a bloody cop out and a half. How about being proactive on behalf of your customer for once. Those of us that have our BroadbandNBN with you, and pay for a router and the Telstra TV from you deserve continuous high quality customer experience from Telstra as a brand.

You need to remember that our experience with Telstra is a near continuous thing in waking hours, between my phone, 4g, NBN, wifi and Tv box all of my tech is due to Telstra - that means the slightest issue in any single one of these services and devices and it's a problem for the customer experience with Telstra.

I want to start seeing you Treasure the fact we chose you as our streaming TV ecosystem. I want to hear that you are in talks with Amazon to get the app. They aren't shopping it around? I don't give a crap - you are Australia's first and premium Telecommunications and Entertainment provider - start acting like it. Approach them - point out how it will strengthen their Prime membership and flow onto using them for shopping needs.

An Amazon app available in the app store will get all Telstra TV owners to download it and get a free trail prime membership if they haven't already got one, and then Amazon have an opportunity to keep them as a customer.

Sure, they lose out on some potential tech sales, but newsflash - I doubt many Telstra TV holders will buy a fire TV. I'll just play prime video on my iPad or laptop and hold a slight grudge against you both.

Amazon's original content, while smaller than Netflix, punches way above its weight. Brand wise, it it it innovative and award winning (American gods, marvelous Mrs maisel, the man in the high tower, dietland and transparent)

The fact that you both can't seem to get your brands tied together is laughable. Pull your finger out, set up a meeting and get a team all gussied up and go meet with them.

Then, when successful, send all your Telstra TV holders a gloating email about how you actually did something good and proactive for us for once.v

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Re: Amazon Prime App

Absolutely agree with all of the above. Youre my families only provider for pretty much everything, Telstra, im happy to pay a little bit more for quality BUT...... if im not getting what im looking for ill happily spend my money elsewhere and probably save to boot. Its not price that keeps me here, if youre not going to compete price wise, decimate the competition for quality and choice. Youre doing neither right now.
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Re: Amazon Prime App

Cmon Telstra add the Amazon App just joined and to my dismay no app on Telstra TV roku box. This is obviously an issue on this forum and as supposed market leaders i thought you would be fixing this issue. You can get it on Optus TV, Chromecast, Apple TV. If you wanted to play in this field Telstra Tv should at least be on par with the rest of the Market. Ive personally never rented a movie from bigpond either as the price to do so is well above the market average. Im fairly certain a price reduction would lead to more rentals ( more revenue).
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Re: Amazon Prime App

Plex is now available

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